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Rumors of scary Easter eggs in Grand Theft Auto 5 have been around for several years, and one of these Easter eggs is found in the supposedly haunted sewer tunnels. YouTube videos take viewers on an adventure to the darkest and deepest part of Los Santos in search of the sewer monster. Some people refer to this monster as Ratman after a photo appeared on the Internet showing a grotesque figure that is half man, half rat. It’s hard to tell what the creature is or if the photo is authentic, since the quality is poor and photoshopping images is easier than ever.

Ratman in a haunted sewer isn’t the most absurd-sounding Easter egg, especially since players claim Bigfoot exists in Grand Theft Auto 5, but is this really an Easter egg or just a carefully concocted myth? Grand Theft Auto 5  is no stranger to hidden features, but when there are different claims being made about the monster in the sewers, it’s hard to believe that this creature actually exists. While it’s not uncommon to hear weird breathing noises or rats scampering through the tunnels, there are many locations throughout Los Santos where players have heard strange sounds. After all, the three protagonists are all a little psychotic so this could simply be their insanity getting the better of them.

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YouTubers such as Madd Carl and NoughtPointFourLIVE who have explored the tunnels in Grand Theft Auto 5 to hunt down the monster have captured some convincing footage. However, most of the videos show a monster that does not remotely resemble a rat. Most of the time the monster resembles a zombie or another grotesque human figure that hides around a corner or is too far away to clearly perceive. Fans of the game are quick to notice that these creatures are actually mods. With many creators knowing how to tweak the game with mods or using cheat codes in GTA 5 to manipulate gameplay, it is even less likely that a monster exists in the sewers. Based on the evidence out there, the sewer tunnels do not even appear to be haunted.

While the haunted sewer tunnels and Ratman might be a myth, players can still enjoy the creepy atmosphere. Those who have completed Grand Theft Auto 5 already know that there are several crazy characters encountered in the game. Perhaps the sound of laughter or water splashing in the tunnels is actually a deranged killer that is trying to escape from the police, just like the playable characters. Maybe the creators of the game added these creepy sounds because they enjoy messing around with people’s heads. Besides, it was already proven that Rockstar Games was planning on adding the controversial Hot Coffee mod to the code of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Why wouldn’t they trick people into believing there’s a sewer monster?

Grand Theft Auto 5 might not have an actual sewer monster and the sewers might not really be haunted, but with the next chapter of the series allegedly under development, it’s likely that the creators will drop some more Easter eggs soon. More rumors will spread and more myths will be created, but the real challenge is figuring out what’s true and what’s fake.

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