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More than a year since its release, action RPG GreedFall is being treated to a round of fresh content alongside an update for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. The game is a beautiful role-playing title that blends magic and technology.

The events of GreedFall are set in the fictional 17th century, which is far more entertaining than the real period of human history. The chosen setting is an alternative fantasy Colonial era with European-inspired greedy explorers trying to conquer a New World inhabited by natives who are desperately trying to defend their land. While an obvious allegory to actual historical events, GreedFall brings magic and mythology into the mix resulting in an impressive in-game world full of supernatural dangers and opportunities.

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On Twitter, developer Spiders announced that GreedFall has reached a significant milestone of a million copies sold worldwide. To celebrate this achievement, the Spiders studio is preparing to release a round of fresh content alongside an anticipated release of the game on the current-gen consoles. Both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S will receive a designated update, which will probably take advantage of the devices’ powerful hardware. Although the developer has yet to reveal exact details regarding the specific technological upgrades, it’s likely that GreedFall will support native 4K resolution with higher framerate counts on the current-gen alongside possible lighting advancements and crispier textures. As for the upcoming new content, there’s no information for the time being, although Spiders promised to share the first details soon.

Originally, GreedFall released in September 2019 to a welcoming reception from both gamers and critics. Although the title did inherit some of the older weak points from its predecessors developed by the Spiders studio, it nonetheless offered sophisticated RPG mechanics granting the ability to create unique characters. With only three basic classes, the game actually allowed mixing all the various talents, skills, and abilities to players’ likings so that they could compose the most efficient builds for any possible gameplay situations.

Although the recent GreedFall announcement specifically mentions the current-gen consoles, it’s highly likely that the game will receive a respective facelift for high-end powerful PCs as well, which are even better suited for that matter. The gorgeous RPG will definitely benefit from modern technologies resulting in an even more impressive picture. Spiders didn’t share a specific date for the upcoming content and visual updates, but they’ll probably release before Christmas considering the timing of the announcement.

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Source: GreedFall/Twitter

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