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Half of the fans of Gossip Girl love to hate Blair Waldorf and the other half hate to love her, but 100 percent of fans agree that she’s not an uninteresting character. Queen B is confident to the point where she’s arrogant, and her eye for fashion is equally as impressive as her determination to go after what she wants, regardless of how she might affect those on her way.

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Wherever one stands regarding Blair, it has to be acknowledged that she did some pretty terrible things during the six seasons of Gossip Girl. But, when she was not busy being an evil fashion icon, she could actually be delightful.

10 Annoying: She Dated Dan Humphrey

Blair Waldorf and Dan Humphrey went from strangers to enemies, to friends, to lovers, but this short-lived relationship didn’t go down well with most fans, and dating Dan was one of the most annoying things Blair ever did.

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Yes, they eventually found out they had a lot in common besides caring for Serena, like a similar taste in movies and literature. Still, it’s hard to believe that the epitome of everything Upper East Side would truly fall for Hate-All-Things-Money Dan, and vice versa. Dair eventually came to an end when Blair dumped Dan to be with Chuck, and these two opposites went back to not even liking each other enough to be friends.

9 Sweet: She Saved Chuck From Killing Himself

In the second season, Chuck Bass went through a tough patch. After his father, with whom he had a complicated relationship, theoretically died in a car accident, Chuck had difficulty dealing with his life and feelings, including those towards Blair. One night, he got extremely drunk and went to take a walk up on the roof. In this scary scene, Bass considered ending his life.

Luckily, Blair and his uncle Jack arrived. Jack almost made things worse by startling a drunk Chuck, but Blair knew exactly what to say. Even though he had hurt her badly, she still opened her heart and persuaded him to get down to safety.

8 Annoying: She Was (Extremely) Mean To Jenny

Blair Waldorf knew how to be mean, and the list of people affected by her schemes is long and painful, but there was one person, in particular, that she was extremely mean to. Yes, Jenny Humphrey wasn’t all innocent either – the two definitely had more in common than wanting to be Queen of Constance.

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But, especially at the beginning of the show, when Jenny is still young and naive, Blair is annoyingly unfair. Almost getting Jenny arrested, sabotaging her job, and banning her from Manhattan are just a few examples of how far this feud went.

7 Sweetest: But She Chose Jenny As Queen

Being the Queen of Constance might seem like a frivolous goal when looked at from a broader perspective, but it was important to Blair, Jenny, and the other girls during their time in high school. That’s why passing on her crown to Jenny on graduation night was a sweet gesture from Blair Waldorf.

In the bathroom scene, Blair reveals her strategy to deal with people around her and become their queen. She also tells Jenny that she is her chosen queen. But Jenny passes on the crown. However, later, at Emma’s coronation, Blair interrupts the girls and gives Jenny more ammunition and, consequently, the crown.

6 Annoying: She Accused Serena Of Being An Addict

When Serena van der Woodsen returns to New York in the Gossip Girl pilot, she and former best friend Blair need to work out some tensions to regain their friendship. But, when Blair finds out her boyfriend, Nate Archibald, cheated on her with Serena, Blair decides she does not want her best friend back.

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She pairs up with Chuck and finds out Serena has been to a psychological and rehab center, and in an attempt to sabotage her image, Blair outs her in front of the whole school. This is pretty bad as it is, but it gets worse when Serena’s brother, Eric, admits to being the one admitted to the center for attempting suicide. This revelation turns Blair’s revenge into a truly mean and dangerous scheme.

5 Sweetest: But She Read Serena The Letter She Wrote

It takes three episodes into the show for the viewers to see Blair’s sweet side and when she shows us her vulnerability, it makes fans better understand why she so badly wants to hurt Serena. After her plan to out Serena’s addiction problem turns sour, Blair decides to go after her best frenemy to dot some I’s. Serena, at first, gets ready to fight, but she’s soon broken down when Blair reads a letter she wrote to her best friend after she left without saying good-bye.

Blair was going through a hard time after her parent’s controversial divorce, and with her boyfriend acting strange and her best friend not there, she felt alone. This sweet, honest move shows how much Blair actually cares about their friendship and puts herself in a vulnerable position to try and save what’s left between the two.

4 Annoying: She Sabotaged Cyrus Rose

Eleanor Waldorf was never good at making Blair feel valued. This might explain why, when Blair meets her mother’s boyfriend, Cyrus Rose, she acts jealous and hates him. Cyrus isn’t what she had in mind, and she decides she disapproves of him. Cyrus, however, turns out to be a sweet, caring, attentive man. That’s why it’s so annoying when Blair tries to discredit him.

In season 2, Blair enlists Dorota to help her concoct a scheme to make Eleonar dump Cyrus, getting rid of her stepfather-to-be. But Cyrus is not a part of Blair’s high school drama, nor has he done anything wrong to her or anyone she knows, which makes it hard for fans to support Blair’s plans. Thankfully, she gets over it, and the two eventually get along.

3 Sweetest: She Came To Her Bestie’s Rescue

Blair Waldorf never thought twice about doing any and everything she needed to protect herself and her loved ones. And that she does when Serena admits to being haunted by her former friend, Georgina Sparks. After Georgina blackmails Serena, drugs her, and makes her lose the SATs, Serena tells Blair about what’s going on.

Blair quickly unites the whole gang to take Georgina down. She even colludes with Dan, with whom she doesn’t get along, to save her bestie’s reputation and well-being. She eventually succeeds and gets Georgina sent to a military school by her parents.

2 Annoying: She Agreed To Harmful Games

When it comes to Blair and Chuck’s relationship, two things can be said: the two youngsters were deeply in love with each other. And they were equally terrified of their feelings. It’s normal not to know how to navigate the romantic sea when you’re still young, but the line between playful pursue and harmful manipulation should not be crossed.

And Blair agreed to cross this line too many times with Chuck. Even though they both said to be into the cat-and-mouse game, it became clear that Blair was constantly on the losing end. Chuck might have had his fair share of past wounds, but it shouldn’t be Blair’s job to fix him. And for those who love Blair, it was very annoying to see her getting hurt and going back to Chuck, over and over again.

1 Sweetest: She Understood Her Self Worth

It was really sweet when Blair finally understood her self-worth. She always made sure to tell everyone to treat her with high regard, but when you take a deeper look into her actions, it seemed like she was actually the one who didn’t really understand how important she was and how much respect she deserved from herself, or she would have cut many ties way earlier in life.

Thankfully, she comes to this realization and decides to put her mind to the real prize: fulfilling her own dreams. Of course, this leads her to succeed at Waldorf Designs and build a family with her true love. And this is the sweetest thing Blair Waldorf learned in the six seasons of Gossip Girl: the most important type of love is self-love.

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