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A smart girl who cares about school and hangs out with her mom instead of a big group of girlfriends, Alexis Bledel’s character on Gilmore Girls made a lasting impression. Fans love Rory Gilmore as she stands out from other characters on shows about high schoolers. Rory often approaches situations in her own unique way and she also acts her age which is refreshing.

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While Rory’s romantic life is always dramatic, she proves on a regular basis that she’s a kind-hearted and considerate person. Other times, though, Rory makes some choices that really irritate fans of this mother/daughter drama.

10 Sweetest: Makes Dinner For Dean And Has Sookie Make His Favorite Cookies

Rory hadn’t dated before Dean and they have some differences, especially when it comes to how they feel about being domestic.

One of the sweetest things Rory does on Gilmore Girls is cook Dean dinner since he loves when a wife makes meals for her family. Rory and Lorelai definitely don’t cook, so this was a big effort on her part. Rory also gets Dean’s favorite Rocky Road cookies from Sookie to give to him. She’s always looking out for him and making sure that he’s happy.

9 Annoying: Doesn’t Tell Lorelai When She Changes Her Cell Phone Number

Season six is a strange one for Rory and Lorelai as they spend most of it in total radio silence.

One of the most annoying things Rory does is getting a new cell phone number and not letting Lorelai know. Sookie knows about it, but not Lorelai. Sure, Rory is upset with her mom and they haven’t been in touch with each other, but this seems like an odd thing to stand her ground on. She knows that she’ll have to talk to her mom eventually, doesn’t she?

8 Sweetest: Tells Her Dad To Let Lorelai Be Happy

Christopher may not be a well-writtten character but he does have a pretty solid presence on Gilmore Girls over the seasons.

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In the season five episode “Norman Mailer, I’m Pregnant!” Rory knows that her mom is starting to date Luke and that Christopher has no business getting in the way. Rory tells her dad to let Lorelai be happy and give her some space. This is really kind of Rory, as it’s an awkward thing for a child to tell their parent, but she’s looking out for Lorelai’s best interests.

7 Annoying: Doesn’t Admit She’s Confused By Logan’s Gift

Rory often acts pretty strange around Logan as she seems more intimidated by him than she is by Dean or Jess.

When Logan gifts Rory a rocket, she doesn’t say that she doesn’t know what it is or what it means. She doesn’t even ask him. She spends way too much time trying to decipher the meaning of this present, and this is really irritating. Rory is intelligent and confident and she doesn’t need to fake anything.

6 Sweetest: Invites Paris And Her Pals To A Concert

Some might say that Rory and Paris have a friendship that doesn’t make sense and that’s definitely true.

Rory, however, is really nice to Paris over the years, even when she doesn’t have to be. She invites Paris and her pals Louise and Madeline to see The Bangles, which is a huge deal since Rory hasn’t done any socializing at her new school Chilton yet. She can tell that Paris needs to have some fun and it’s selfless of her since she had been planning to just go with Lorelai and Sookie.

5 Annoying: Goes To Emily And Richard For Money When Lorelai Doesn’t Want Her To

In the season two episode “Secrets and Loans,” Rory knows that her mom needs money to fix a termite problem in their house, so she goes to Emily and Richard to ask that they give some money.

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Emily and Lorelai don’t have a healthy relationship and Rory definitely should have stayed out of the situation. While her heart was in the right place, she was making things more awkward for Lorelai, as she had trouble relying on her parents.

4 Sweetest: Hosts A Baby Shower For Lane

In the final season, Rory agrees to have a baby shower for Lane, and she’s working on and then has an important meeting with someone who works at The New York Times.

It’s really sweet that Rory wants to celebrate this big moment in Lane’s life. She could be envious that Lane is settling down, or she could even be upset that Lane is becoming a mother at a young age and that this will make it hard for her to relate to Lane. Instead, she embraces this change and is there for her friend.

3 Annoying: Has Fun Teasing Paris

Rory can be annoying with people she’s supposedly friends with, and that includes Paris.

The two aren’t exactly on the best terms in high school but when Paris wants to know what Rory’s PSAT score is, Rory stays totally silent. It’s clear that she wants to tease Paris and that this is fun for her, but this is irritating to watch. Why not just be honest with Paris? Their relationship has always had a competitive vibe.

2 Sweetest: Makes Pizza For Emily And Richard

In the season one episode “Love and War and Snow,” Rory stays with Emily and Richard, and makes a frozen pizza.

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It’s adorable and charming, especially because Emily is upset that the cook isn’t there to make a real, healthy dinner. She says “This is a serious problem. These Friday dinners are the only proper food that child eats all week” and Richard jokes that Rory isn’t “malnourished.” Rory impresses her fancy grandparents, who actually love the frozen pizza and become giddy over it. It’s a really sweet moment.

1 Annoying: Actually Brings A Book And Then Reads At A Party

Rory and Lorelai might be the same person at times and yet it’s hard to imagine Lorelai bringing a book to a party… and then actually reading it.

Rory does this after her first break-up with Dean, and when Lane goes off to have fun, Rory locates a private room and reads. It’s a weird decision, even for this bookworm, and it was one of the most annoying things that she does on the show. If she’s going to the trouble of attending a party, she should at least attempt to be social.

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