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Lauren Graham’s character on Gilmore Girls seems like a dream mom to have. Rory can borrow her clothes anytime she wants, Lorelai doesn’t push healthy food, and she’s always ready to gossip and chat. She can crack a joke based on any topic and talk to almost any stranger.

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There are a lot of impressive things about this character, but she’s got some problems, too. Fans can point out Lorelai’s flaws pretty easily, and she hasn’t had a simple journey, as her engagement to Max didn’t work out and she stumbles through her relationship with her mother and father. While Lorelai has acted like a sweetheart over the show’s seven seasons, she has also made some mistakes.

10 Sweetest: Sees Lane Through An Awkward Encounter

The season one episode “Love and War and Snow” couldn’t be more charming as Lorelai sees Rory’s best friend Lane Kim through a humiliating moment.

Lane’s character has issues, but, at the beginning of the show, she has some interesting storylines. In this episode, she has a big crush on a fellow student and grabs his hair. Lorelai knows this is super weird, but, since Lane shows up at her house (and Rory is staying at her grandparents’ place), Lorelai helps her out. This is incredibly kind, as Lorelai knows that being a teenager can be really tough and embarrassing.

9 Annoying: Judges Jess Right Away

Some GG fans prefer Jess to the other guys Rory dates, and this character rushed into Stars Hollow with his love of reading, sarcastic and bitter personality, and family baggage.

Lorelai acts really annoying around Jess because she hates him immediately and is also really judgemental of him. Instead of thinking that he’s had a rough time in life and that his mom shipped him off to another town, she doesn’t want him anywhere near Rory. Lorelai was by no means a perfect teenager, and she should actually see herself in Jess instead of shunning him.

8 Sweetest: Helps Luke Buy New Clothes

In the first season episode “P.S. I Lo…,” Lorelai and Luke actually go shopping, which is hilarious and surprising, as Luke is the type of guy who would wear the same plaid shirt and baseball cap forever.

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This is really sweet of Lorelai, as she wants to help him out. She knows that fashion isn’t his strong suit, and she gets it. She also gives him advice about purchasing a present for Rachel, his ex-girlfriend, who is back in town. That’s big of her, as it’s clear to fans that she’s already got a crush on Luke at this point in the show.

7 Annoying: Goes Behind The Counter At Luke’s When She Gets Frustrated

There are many parts of Lorelai’s personality that can be irritating, and one of them is how entitled she can be. Even though she is friends with Luke and has been eating at his diner since forever, that doesn’t mean that she can hop behind the counter and serve herself… and yet, this is exactly what she does in many scenes. She’ll pour himself some coffee, grab a donut, and be on her merry way. Luke hates this, of course, and it seems disrespectful. Can’t she wait a few minutes?

6 Sweetest: Helps Rory Through Her First Heartbreak

Much of season one has aged poorly, but the storyline about Dean and Rory’s break-up is a classic one that is still so meaningful today.

Lorelai helps Rory through her first heartbreak, and it’s a really sweet moment. She thinks that Rory should “wallow,” which means ice cream, movies, and allowing herself to get emotional. Rory doesn’t want to for a while, which just worries Lorelai even more. She’s really there for her daughter here and gets a lot of points as a mom.

5 Annoying: Gets On Her Mom’s Nerves On Purpose

Emily makes some harsh decisions, and yet, she does really want to be part of her daughter’s world. It can be painful to watch her struggle to talk to Lorelai.

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Lorelai can be really annoying when dealing with her mother, though, and one example is how she does her best to get on her nerves. During many Friday Night dinners, Lorelai will go on and on about a topic just to bug her mom, or she will make jokes that her mom definitely doesn’t find funny.

4 Sweetest: Goes To Sherry’s Baby Shower

In the season three episode “Take the Deviled Eggs…” Rory is off to Sherry’s baby shower. She has no interest in going and feels incredibly awkward, so it’s sweet that Lorelai brings here there.

Lorelai actually stays for the event, which is even nicer. Not a lot of people would do that, considering Sherry is her ex Christopher’s new partner, and, of course, having a baby. Sometimes Lorelai is selfish, but, sometimes, she can put aside her own feelings and thoughts to help her daughter.

3 Annoying: Chooses Sarcasm Instead Of Admitting Her Struggles Or Asking For Help

Lorelai is a hilarious character which is why fans have created funny Rory and Lorelai memes. It’s not funny, though, that, when Lorelai is struggling or needs some help, she becomes sarcastic and even a bit mean.

Lorelai needs to own up to the hard times she faces and stop trying to be a comedian 24/7. While this is something that fans love about her, it’s also a big problem, and it’s frustrating for fans to watch. When her mom finds out that she broke her leg and didn’t even tell her about it, that’s a major red flag.

2 Sweetest: Has A Dog Funeral For Michel’s Pet Chin-Chin

The Gilmore Girls episode “Farewell, My Pet” is adorable, as Lorelai has a dog funeral for Michel’s pet Chin-Chin, whose passing has devastated Michel.

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These characters have a strange friendship, but this is a really nice thing that Lorelai does for him. She’s not really into the whole idea, but she does it anyway, and that’s true kindness. She can be compassionate toward the people in her life, and this is a perfect example.

1 Annoying: Hypocritical About The Lifestyles Of Others

There is nothing that Lorelai hates more than having people judge her. She didn’t want to grow up and get married and have kids and live in a big house like her parents, so she moved to Stars Hollow and took steps to change her fate in life.

Yet, Lorelai has no problem being judgemental, which makes her a hypocrite. She makes fun of the other parents at Chilton because she doesn’t see things their way, and, while she doesn’t like when her parents disapprove of her choices, she does the exact same thing to them.

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