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There are already over two dozen playable characters in Genshin Impact, and more are on the way. Because of this, Genshin Impact’s character tier lists are always changing. Since launch, the character tier list in Genshin Impact has certainly been varied, due to both new characters and ability alterations that have been patched in. This has led many fans to wonder how new characters stack up in the tier list rankings now.

When Genshin Impact first launched, fans were quick to begin ranking characters on a tier system. 5-star characters like Diluc and Venti were ranked S-tier, while starters like Kaeya and Lisa were placed lower at C-tier. However, the latest 1.1 patch introduced several new characters to Genshin Impact, and more are about to join the game as well. So, just how much have these new characters altered tier list rankings?

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Most of the new playable characters have ranked high on Genshin Impact‘s tier list. Diona, the cat-girl bartender, is usually ranked A-tier. Meanwhile, the latest additions of Klee and Tartaglia are both typically placed in S-tier slots. In fact, Tartaglia might just be the best character in Genshin Impact right now, dethroning Diluc from the top spot he’s held since the game’s launch.

Overall, not much has changed on fans’ character tier lists. However, some ability changes in Genshin Impact’s 1.1 update nerfed Fischl, dropping her from S-tier to A-tier. She is supposedly getting a buff soon, though, so it could mean regaining one of the S-tier spots. Another character, Bennett, has moved up quite a bit in the rankings after the 1.1 update. Originally, Bennett was usually ranked as a B-tier character, and now most fans place him higher up at A-tier or even S-tier. The Traveler, the main character controlled by players, has likewise dropped a rank or two now that new and better characters in Genshin Impact have been introduced.

Other new characters like Genshin Impact’s Zhongli are expected to arrive in the game soon. Zhongli is a 5-star character who will presumably be ranked S-tier when he arrives. Xinyan, a Pyro user who’s also a rock star, will most likely rank near the top as well. Essentially, this means new characters will slowly but surely replace most of the old S- and A-tier characters. Some favorites, such as Diluc and Venti, will probably remain S-tier no matter what, though.

Due to its nature as both a free-to-play RPG and gacha game, changes will always be coming to Genshin Impact. New characters will replace old ones, and rankings will change. For now, though, these are the newest character tier rankings in the game.

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