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In a world full of politicians, manipulators, and downright criminals, Brienne of Tarth is one of the few characters in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire book series as well as it’s television adaptation Game of Thrones who actually lives up to the ideals of heroism and knighthood.

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Brienne is one of the strongest warriors in the story to be sure, but she is also one of the best and moral people in it as well. While she’s undoubtedly one of the best characters in Game of Thrones, what is it that only A Song of Ice and Fire fans know about her?

10 Gwendoline Christie Is Too Attractive To Play Her

Actress Gwendoline Christie undoubtedly did a spectacular job of playing the role of Brienne of Tarth, but unsurprisingly, she doesn’t match author George R.R. Martin’s physical description of the character aside from being over six feet tall and having blonde hair and blue eyes.

In the books, Brienne is described as being exceptionally unattractive and unfeminine, which clearly doesn’t match Christie very well.

9 She Had An Older Brother Who Drowned

In the show Brienne does mention that she is the only living child of Lord Selwyn Tarth, lord of Evenfall Hall and the island of Tarth, but she doesn’t explain exactly how that came to be.

Apparently Brienne did have an older brother, a boy named Galladon Tarth who sadly drowned when he was just eight years old. Brienne was four years old when this happened, so it’s unclear what she remembers about her brother.

8 She Has Three Deceased Siblings

Sadly for Lord Selwyn, Galladon is not the only loss that he would suffer when it came to his children. In addition to Brienne, Selwyn and his wife had two other daughters, girls named Arianne and Alysanne.

However, they both unfortunately died as babies, leaving Brienne as his only heir (unless he marries again and has children, but that seems unlikely given that he seems to swap love interests often in the years since his wife’s death).

7 She Barely Remembers Her Mother

Brienne catches a lot of grief for being so unfeminine and so disinterested in everything that is considered a womanly pursuit in Westeros, but it isn’t entirely shocking that that’s the case.

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Aside from being so obviously gifted when it comes to martial pursuits, she didn’t really have a female influence in her life outside of her septa. In fact, her mother died when Brienne was so young that she barely remembers her.

6 She’s Been Betrothed Three Times

Although she’s never been married, Brienne has been engaged to three different men at different points of her life.

The first was when she was still just a child, and unfortunately her betrothed and most of his family died of an illness a few years later. The second was Ser Ronnet Connington, who broke the betrothal because he was repulsed by her. And the third was Ser Humphrey Wagstaff, a man who insisted that she behave like a proper lady after their marriage, and in return Brienne challenged him to a fight. He lost.

5 Tyrion Doesn’t Make Podrick Her Squire

Or at least, he doesn’t directly assign Podrick to be Brienne’s squire. After Tyrion disappears, Podrick is looking for him, and when he finds out that Brienne is looking for Sansa he thinks he might be able to find Tyrion with Sansa, or that she might at least know where he is.

He begins following Brienne, which she notices pretty quickly, and after Brienne confronts him she agrees that he can accompany her and she’ll teach him some swordsmanship.

4 Someone Has Eaten Her

In a scene that may have been too gruesome to adapt to the screen, during her search for Sansa, Brienne finds herself in a brutal fight with a character that exists exclusively in the books named Biter.

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He’s a criminal with teeth filed into points, and when he gets the best of Brienne in battle, he actually chews the flesh off of her cheek.

3 She Almost Chose To Die Rather Than Kill Jaime

After this brutal attack, Brienne becomes a captive of the Brotherhood Without Banners, which is now being led by the reanimated Catelyn Stark. Lady Stoneheart (Catelyn’s new moniker) doesn’t believe Brienne’s story and believes that Brienne has betrayed her for House Lannister.

When she demands that Brienne kill Ser Jaime in order to prove her loyalty, Brienne refuses. But when the Brotherhood decides to execute her companions as well as her, Brienne seemingly decides to save them and go after Jaime instead.

2 She’s Serving Lady Stoneheart And The Brotherhood

In a perversion of the agreement that Brienne first came to with Lady Catelyn to save her children, it seems that Brienne is now working in service of Lady Stoneheart to bring Jaime Lannister to her.

Brienne finds Jaime after her close call with the Brotherhood, and tells Jaime that she’s found Sansa with the Hound, but that they have to go after her alone or else Sandor will kill her, an obvious lie and pretext seemingly to get him in Stoneheart’s hands.

1 It Seems Like She Might Not Be A Willing Servant

Although Brienne did swear herself in service to Lady Catelyn Stark, it seems likely that her allegiance to Lady Stoneheart and the Brotherhood Without Banners might not be quite willing.

Given that she comes and finds Jaime without her companions, Podrick and another man named Ser Hyle Hunt, it seems reasonable to assume that they’re being held hostage until Brienne returns with Jaime.

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