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Friends and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are two beloved sitcoms that have die-hard fans, and while they’re not exactly about the same thing, they still have lovable and quirky characters and humor that everyone can enjoy. Everyone knows Ross and Rachel or Amy and Jake, but what if these hit shows were to meet each other?

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If they found themselves in the same universe, it would be interesting to see the 99th precinct meet up with the gang at Central Perk, and maybe, some romance would even flourish. Of course, some couples might actually hit it off – while others certainly would not.

10 Would Not Work: Gina & Ross

If there were two personalities that would probably clash the most, it’s those of Gina and Ross. Gina would likely push every single one of Ross’ buttons, and there would be no coming back from it. Ross cares a lot about work and his career, where Gina, clearly, doesn’t so much.

They’re both hilarious and lovable characters, but them together would likely cause an implosion. It would be entertaining on the small screen, but there’s no romance here.

9 Would Work: Rosa & Phoebe

There’s something about this pairing that’s totally sweet. Rosa cares a lot about social issues (despite seeming hard on the outside), and she also loves spontaneity. Phoebe would be mesmerized by Rosa’s personality, and they would have a ton of fun together.

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These two are both hilarious, quirky, and know when to be serious – but they’re also great friends. They’d have a pretty supportive and loving relationship that would floor everyone around them.

8 Would Not Work: Captain Holt & Joey

This wouldn’t work for a probably obvious reason – that fans are pretty sure Joey is only interested in women. However, this would be the least of this pair’s problems. Captain Holt is by the book, and while he’s changed a lot, he still cares so much about his job and organization.

Joey is honestly worse than Jake in these categories, and Holt would turn his anger from the latter onto poor Joey. They could hardly be friends, let alone be romantic. It would be funny, though, to watch this cross-over.

7 Would Work: Amy & Ross

These two would either be the ultimate power couple or they would crash and burn way before they even began. Amy and Ross are both totally smart, and they each care a lot about moving up in their respective careers.

They both also have big hearts, and are serious about family and relationships. These two characters could be totally perfect, if they managed to set aside their Type-A personalities and focus on making it work.

6 Would Not Work: Charles & Rachel

It isn’t to say that Charles isn’t good enough for Rachel, but he’s just not the kind of guy that any fan probably envisions her with. Charles is hilarious and good-hearted, but he’s almost a bit too quirky for someone as poised as Rachel.

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They could probably have a laugh, but it’s safe to say that there likely wouldn’t be a romantic spark between these two. They’re both lovable, but fans couldn’t see them together.

5 Would Work: Amy & Chandler

There might be something quirky and lovable about these two being together. Chandler has the humor and sweetness of Jake, but he is also capable of letting Amy loosen up and try new things. Plus, Amy could bring out the best in Chandler for his ambition and romance.

These two would have a laugh, but they might also have a sweet and adorable time together. It’s not that surprising really, because Amy isn’t that much different from Monica.

4 Would Not Work: Terry & Phoebe

This might seem like it would work on the surface, but there’s something about these two that just wouldn’t click. Phoebe needs a bit more spontaneity that Terry could offer, and Terry probably wouldn’t be able to get behind all of Phoebe’s quirks.

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These two could probably be great friends, but their relationship would probably be a big question mark. They’re similar, but almost too similar to really make something work.

3 Would Work: Amy & Rachel

If these two were to ever ditch their interest in men, they would probably make a pretty impressive couple. Amy is a lot like Ross, except without all things that fans aren’t super crazy about. Amy is more open-minded, and she would be the ambition that Rachel needs.

Neither are crazy spontaneous, but they’d have comfortable fun together without feeling boring. Amy and Rachel have hearts of gold, and their humor would compliment each other perfectly.

2 Would Not Work: Jake & Monica

There’s probably nothing more certain on this list than the fact that Monica and Jake would totally crash and burn. Monica and Amy are actually a lot alike, but Amy has a quirky and spontaneous side – and she somehow manages to be patient with Jake.

Monica, on the other hand, definitely wouldn’t. His immaturity and disorganization would drive her crazy, and Jake would definitely not like being called on it. This romance would never even begin.

1 Would Work: Gina & Joey

This is the relationship that would probably have everyone around them rolling their eyes, but they would likely be so off in their own world that they wouldn’t even care. They both are caring, but also definitely don’t sweat the small stuff.

They’d have endless fun that lived outside the opinions of everyone else. While it could possibly get out of hand, they’d likely have a pretty fiery and spontaneous affair.

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