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DC’s new Wonder Woman, Yara Flor, will be the leader of the Amazon army. In January, DC Comics will launch one of their boldest initiatives to date. Future State will see the entire DC line transformed for two months, replaced by a range of books that explore different parts of their future comic book timeline. Some of their greatest heroes will find themselves in disturbing new contexts, while others will be replaced by successors.

One of these will be Yara Flor, confirmed to be the Wonder Woman of 2050. Precious little is known about Yara Flor to date; she’s apparently the daughter of an Amazonian warrior and a Brazilian river god. She wears beautiful gold armor with red outlines underneath it, and she wields a far deadlier version of the Lasso of Truth, one with balls on the end of it that means it is a far more dangerous weapon. The CW certainly seem confident Yara Flow will be a success, because they’ve signed off on Wonder Girl TV series as part of the Arrowverse starring a younger version of the character.

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DC Comics has just released a DC Nation one-shot exploring Future State, and it confirms a lot of what we already knew. But Joelle Jones, writer and artist of Future State: Wonder Woman, gave a few new hints. By the year 2050, Yara Flor is already established as the new Wonder Woman – but she has a very different role in the Amazonian community to Diana. “In Future State, Yara is leader of the Amazon army,” Joelle Jones explains. “She is still fairly new to the role, so neither she nor the Amazons know the depth of her power yet.

Intriguingly, it looks as though Yara Flor is part of an Amazon community not associated with Themyscira. She is the daughter of an Amazon and a Brazilian god, after all, and apparently, Jones’ story will see Yara Flor strive to rescue a Themysciran Amazon from the Greek god Hades – a woman she has never met before. All this suggests DC is revealing another community of Amazon warrior women who live, appropriately enough, in the depths of the Amazonian rainforest. Yara Flor, Diana’s successor as Wonder Woman, is one of these Amazons – and she is, in fact, their new war leader.

These offer major clues about Yara Flor’s identity and character. She clearly hails from a martial and religious tradition, but it is not necessarily the same one readers of Wonder Woman are familiar with. Indeed, it’s possible her entire community was shaped not by the ancient Greek gods – as in Themyscira – but by those of South America. Even her Lasso of Truth may actually be a completely different weapon, one venerated within her Amazon group, rather than a modified version of the one Diana wields. But if all this is true – how has Yara Flor come to take up the name of Wonder Woman in honor of Diana? What is the relationship between these two groups of Amazons? We’ll find out the truth in January.

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