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From a new Superman to a beloved Bat-Family member’s death, the upcoming twists and turns from DC’s Future State event have been the center of attention. This new event follows the wildly popular Dark Nights: Death Metal with a collection of some of the biggest names in the Multiverse. For two months, stories regarding the fates of heroes and villains alike, giving readers a reason to look forward to the arrival of the new year. The timeline for DC’s upcoming Future State has been revealed, and it has fans counting down the days. Here’s an outline of what DC enthusiasts have to look forward to!

Set only a few years in the future, DC has the most in store for the year 2025. Future State starts off strong with a long list of fan-favorite names. 2025 will be home to Arkham Knights, Batgirls, Batman/Superman, Batman Catwoman, Gotham City Sirens, Harley Quinn, Grifters, Nightwing, Outsiders, Red Hood, and Robin Eternal. Some have been hot topics of 2020 while others will be a refreshing return. Hosting stories of both heroes and villains alike, this year will surely be dynamic.

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Future State picks back up two years later by adding a few more heroes to the list. This year will see the following releases: Dark Detective, The Flash, and Teen Titans. While not as bountiful as 2025, it’s still surely a batch to look forward to. DC fanatics may recognize the Dark Detective title from over a decade ago. The modernization of this series will add some nostalgia to the recently (and often) updated stories of The Flash and Teen Titans.

DC adds only one update to the timeline in the year 2029. The recently popularized character Billy Batson will make an appearance in a futurized Shazam! two years after the last set of Future State releases. It seems his story takes a dark turn in Future State: Shazam! with devil deals and great evil. After going missing for years, Billy will take on a massive challenge in this series, and fans of the hero can follow him along the way.

Coming in second place for most updates in a given year, 2030 will again be a dynamic setting for Future State. The year will add to the series Aquaman, Black Racer, Justice League Dark, Metropolis Midnighter, Mister Miracle, Suicide Squad, Superman of Metropolis, Superman: Worlds of War, and Nubia. 2030 seems to be a bit all over the place in regards to characters and settings, but leave it to DC to connect even the most disconnected of storylines within one year of a series.

Suspiciously, the Future State timeline appears to remain quiet for a whole five years following a tidal wave of stories in 2030. Not only that, but 2035 will only have one series update: The Last Lantern. Green Lantern John Stewart will be leading the remaining lanterns through a bleak future filled with massive change. For fans of anything regarding The Lantern Corps, this will be a can’t-miss issue.

DC Future State will again remain undisturbed for another five years following The Last Lantern. The series picks back up in 2040 with the iconic Justice League. DC revealed their newest rendition of the quintessential team of heroes in early November. Younger versions of the Justice League heroes will be stepping into the spotlight in this one (including an Amazonian Wonder Woman and a non-binary Flash) and they’ll be hiding their identities harder than ever before (even from each other).

Jump ahead ten years into the future to 2050, and a few more comics join the series. This year will bring Kara Zor-El, SuperwomanSuperman Vs. Imperius Lex, and Superman/Wonder Woman. Kryptonian fans will certainly want to pay extra attention to the events unfolding in 2050 as Jonathan Kent truly enters the spotlight in addition to the legendary Kara Zor-El. The new Wonder Woman, Yara Flor, will also get some major attention as well, hinting at her importance later on in the timeline.

The year 3000 will also prove to be pivotal. Introducing House of El and Legion of Super-Heroes, these comics will probably be less focused on individuals and more focused on the heroes as a whole. If the previous instillations of the series have been any indication of the bigger picture, Future State will be extremely team-oriented, bringing together both likely and unlikely characters under similar interests. House of El will also introduce readers to a new Blue Lantern with a surprisingly close connection to the new Superman.

Claiming the futuristic year for himself, Swamp Thing takes the spotlight in the year 4500. Readers can expect Swamp Thing to be a heartbreaking (yet hopeful) story, as admitted by Justice League group editor Alex Carr himself. Carr expects Swamp Thing to be the series’ breakout character, bringing a new twist to the protector of The Green. Though unraveling thousands of years past the majority of the series, it seems Swamp Thing has an extremely important role in the series.

Jumping into hyperspace, the DC Future State timeline brings readers all the way to the year 82,020 where all eyes are on the infamous Shazam villain, Black Adam. Though appearing all throughout the series, he doesn’t get his own issue until later in the timeline. In the end, it may be up to him to save the future of the Multiverse. Not often explored in comics are the inevitable fates of immortal heroes and villains. Black Adam focuses on the villain’s intentions after everything readers once knew and loved about the DC universe passes.

Finally, DC Future State will come to an end with the fate of Yara Flor in Immortal Wonder Woman. There is something dystopian in just saying “the end of time” that will certainly come into play in this series update. Fans may notice synergy between Yara Flor’s fate in Future State versus Arrowverse (as their appearances line up so well), but any similarities can’t truly be confirmed until the release of the series. Though she may be the champion of 2050, will there come a time when not even Wonder Woman herself can save the world?

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