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COD: Black Ops Cold War is the latest in the Call of Duty series, and a mission requiring a small amount of stealth is the one getting intel while discovering Operation Redlight, Greenlight. The mission’s goal is to confirm if Perseus is smuggling a nuclear device that Volkov claims he can prove. To be sure, Bell and Woods get sent to investigate, trying to figure out what the Soviets are doing. The mission involves a lot of firepower and some twists along with it making it a special mission.

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When Bell and Woods head into the mission, it pays to know what is in store. Players will get dropped straight into the mission area deep in the forest in the dead of night. The intel that the team is looking for is a series of maps found on various walls throughout the complex. They will have a yellowish color to them, and when viewing them, they will have a highlighted border. The first bit of the mission will involve some stealth, so having a good melee weapon and timing attacks will serve players well. Before heading out too far out in some areas, have some strategy and use your ally to strike at enemies before they know what hit them

After beginning in the forest, follow the path until a guardhouse with a few enemies appears. After killing them, the first piece of intel is on the wall inside the guardhouse. From the first intel location, continue into the base and keep hugging the right side of the map and get to the area where a chopper is getting ready to lift off. Keep moving to the right of the helicopter, and there will be some missiles and anti-aircraft guns. Past the weapons will be two sets of white gates with a red star in the middle of them that leads to the actual base through smaller access points. Pick the lock to get inside, and post-cutscene, go to where there are some guards below. After dispatching them, they were standing at the same location as a door with the second piece of intel on the right wall upon entering. Continue and head past the arcade, and eventually, the team will arrive at a mock cityscape resembling a United States suburban town. Once inside, there will be a bar with a sign on the front that says “Drinks.” Head into the bar and go to the second level. At the far side of the second level will have the third piece of intel. After taking the elevator to the Command Center, hack into the system, and once the doors are open, the fourth intel map will be in the next room on the right of the windows. At this point in the mission, players will face a treacherous run avoiding gunfire through narrow corridors. After staying alive, more enemies will bottleneck a section that seems to be under construction. There is a small room on the right side of this construction area that contains the fifth intel map. After getting the intel, move to the next section until there is a hangar door. Open the door, and in this next room, there will be another room on the right side that will have the last intel map in a corner. With the last piece of intel, head for the APC and slam out of the mission.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

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