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Captain America has become one of the MCU’s most successful superheroes to grace the big screen. It’s no secret, that before taking on the mantle of the American super-soldier, Chris Evans also played other heroic roles. One of them being as Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch in the two Fantastic Four movies.

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It was his first major superhero role that sadly didn’t end well. Both Captain America and Human Torch are vastly different types of heroes with different powers and backstory. Pegging one against the other, it begs the question of who would ultimately win depending on their advantages? It’s shield versus fire.

10 Captain America: Slow Aging

One of the perks of the super-soldier serum was that it significantly diminished Cap’s ageing. Putting aside the fact that he was entombed in ice for over 70 years, throughout the MCU movies, he looked almost the same. There’s an obvious scientific reason for why his cells don’t age.

This special perk comes in handy seeing as it gives him an advantage over others.  He’s able to retain his strength and agility for much longer. By the end of his run, fans only see him age due to the fact that he went back in time and lived a long life from that moment on. Cap also can’t get drunk due to his rapid metabolism.

9 Human Torch: Well Off From The Start

This advantage is more based on how differently both characters grew up. Cap grew up during the years of World War II when being a soldier was something that needed to be done. Audiences also learn that Cap lost both is parents at a young age and had no real family to support him.

Johnny Storm on the other hand is completely different. While audiences don’t know much about the Storm siblings, they are aware that they’re privileged. Johnny lived a life of luxury and as a playboy. Once getting his powers, his egotistical attitude only magnified.

8 Captain America: More Resources & Help

Besides the super-solider serum that gave Steve Rogers the body of a built fighter, he also had far more resources than Human Torch. The serum was created by a secret sector of the army whose purpose was to also manufacture high-end equipment for the future again enemies. Hence the inclusion of Howard Stark.

Cap got some cool gear like the vibranium shield. Later on after his dethawing, he had the resources of S.H.I.E.L.D. and was a high-level member. He also has the resources from Wakanda seeing as they became allies. It also goes without mentioning that Cap also had Tony Stark at his side. Cap also has The Avengers, Wakanda, and the sorcerers.

7 Human Torch: He Can “Flame On!”

Human Torch is given that name for a reason. His biggest advantage when it comes to his powers is that he can combust into flames all over his body. He can even snap his fingers and make a flame. Not to mention he can hurl fireballs. This ability is a good weapon in any fight seeing as most people aren’t flame resistant.

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But it does raise the question if Cap’s super-soldier perks allow him the ability to resist flames a bit longer than most. Regardless, one can assume he can get severely burned if engulfed in flames.

6 Captain America: Super Strength

When it comes to strength between both characters, there’s no competition. Beyond Human Torch’s flame abilities and flight, he has no other powers. In a battle of strength, Cap takes the win. The super-soldier serum gave him super-human strength as seen when he ripped off the door of a taxi in the first film.

An even better display of his incredible strength is when he was able to try and hold off Thanos’s ginormous hand in Avengers: Infinity War. Even Thanos was shocked. Put Cap and Torch in a steel cage and Cap would win by KO.

5 Human Torch: He Can Fly

Besides the full-body fire, Human Torch can also fly. But it’s a peculiar way in which it occurs. In the movies, audiences see that he has to say “Flame On!” to activate his powers and have the ability to fly through the air. He also has to be in the right headspace in order to not lose focus.

Despite the nitpicking issues that could occur, the ability of flight is a good advantage over others. Human Torch could simply fly away from a fight or to get to a better vantage point or even throw fireballs from afar to avoid any damage. Cap’s super jump wouldn’t work well.

4 Captain America: He Was A Solider & Kind-Hearted

A huge difference between Cap and Johnny Storm is their overall character. Johnny Storm lived a carefree life full of glamour and no responsibilities. Cap, on the other hand, had to grow up too fast after losing his parents. He also had a need to serve his country and fight the bullies. Even when he was simply the feeble Steve Rogers.

Cap had heart and wasn’t willing to back down from a fight. Hence the phrase “I could do this all day.” He even sacrificed himself to cover a grenade to save his other comrades. Cap also had the mindset, strategy and resilience of a soldier. Although, fans believe he was too set in his ways at times to see the better solution.

3 Human Torch: No Hindrances Or Regrets

Cap harbors more emotional baggage than Human Torch. To start, he finds the love of his life who saw him for much more than just a super-soldier. When sacrifice himself in the arctic and waking up years later to a new era, he didn’t make his date with Peggy. As time went on, audiences could tell that Cap wasn’t 100% when it came to his emotions.

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Between finding out that Bucky is still alive, audiences also discover that Cap knew what happened to Stark’s parents all along. Effectively creating a rift between them. Like everyone else, he sees the people he cares for disappear due to Thanos. Human Torch doesn’t deal with the same level of emotional baggage. He has much more free reign.

2 Captain America: Skilled In Combat

Throughout both Fantastic Four movies, Human Torch does barely any physical combat. He relies mostly on his flight and fire powers. Combined with his super-strength, Cap could easily defeat Human Torch in a hand-hand fight. Not only did he have the drive before the serum, but he surely learned a thing or two in the army.

Cap is also well-known for his brute combat skills throughout the MCU movies. From punches, front kicks and the impressive fight sequence in Captain America: The Winter Soldier against Georges Batroc (Georges St-Pierre), Cap could take down jsut about anyone if need be.

1 Winner: Captain America

Comparing both characters may not be fair to some seeing as they are so strikingly different. From their powers, morals, background to even outside advantages. But both could still hold up as superheroes. While Human Torch has the extra “oomph” of flight and fire, Cap can still find ways to deter his powers.

Cap is also has a better mindset for strategy, game plan and overall combat skills as an army soldier and as a super-soldier. He also has far more technological resources at arms reach compared to Mister Fantastic’s. Overall Human Torch is no match for Captain America.

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