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Tammy Larsen is “a horrible, jealous girl”, according to Tina Belcher. A typical mean girl, Tammy was introduced in Season 2 as the new student in school, who turns Tina into a bad girl. ‘Bad Tina’ also introduces Tammy as the girl who farts when she laughs.

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Tammy began the series as a brunette but soon morphed into a blonde, in an effort to maintain her forced image as the most popular girl in school. The daughter of rich parents, she is prone to rich girl quotes that amuse audiences. When being lifted during cheer practice, she is also prone to farting smelly farts that’ll make anyone die, if they breathe it in.

10 “It’s OK That I’m Jealous And Terrible.”

When Tina brings a real ghost in a shoebox to school, Tammy disbelieves her. “You’re totally lying, and lying is bad for your skin,” she warns Tina.

As Tina and Jeff the ghost get closer, Tina gets more attention. Tammy, jealous of Tina, steals Jeff from Tina: literally and figuratively. Tina later accuses Tammy of stealing Jeff, because Tammy is a “horrible, jealous girl.” In response, Tammy says that “It’s OK that I’m jealous and terrible.” Everyone promptly disagrees, with Zeke telling her: “fix yourself!”

9 “I Figured Out The Theme, Which Is: TAMMY!”

‘Mazel Tina’ is the best Tammy-focused episode of Bob’s Burgers. The episode follows Tammy during her Bat Mitzvah. The celebration preparations allow Tammy to be as narcissistic as she can be, pushing the limit on her terribleness. “Tina, I’ve got a wedgie, and I’m not going to pick it at my own party!” Tammy shouts.

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During this Tammy-tasrophe, as Louise puts it, Tammy speaks to the adults in her life with utter disdain. She says to Bob: That is literally the stupidest thing that anyone has ever said in the history of mankind – EVER!”

8 “Spots Are For Underwear, Tina!”

Tina dejectedly tries to get a spot at Tammy’s Bat Mitzvah, to which Tammy replies: “Spots are for underwear … not my Bat Mitzvah.” As Tammy hectically prepares for the celebration that turns her into a woman, she curses out her mom and her Rabbi.

“Find me another caterer, or I’m going to find another mom,” the aptly-named Bat-zilla screams at her mom on the phone. In a following phone call, Tammy rudely asks her Rabbi, “What is it now, Rabbi Rosenberg? What is it now?”

7 “Don’t Be Such A Boob Punch!”

In Tammy’s first appearance on Bob’s Burgers, she immediately influences Tina into becoming a “bad girl”. Tammy is spoiled by parents who are too distracted by their deep marital issues to ever discipline her properly. Consequently, she teaches Tina sassy, but nonsensical phrases, such as: “Don’t have a crap attack!” and “Don’t be such a boob punch!”

Tammy is Tina’s Id. She is at odds with the world of honesty, consequences, and responsibilities that Bob and Linda instilled in Tina. To punish Tina for no longer being ‘bad’, Tammy threatens to read her “freak fiction” diary in front of the whole school. “Nobody’s going to hear all the nasty details over the judgmental laughter!” Tammy angrily tells Tina.

6 “I’m Blonde Now, So I’m Better Than You!”

After her introduction in ‘Bad Tina’, Tammy soon dyes her hair blonde. Even though Tina doesn’t ask why Tammy is quick to offer an explanation anyway. “I was born lucky, Tina, cos I was born me, and not you. And I’m blonde now, so I’m better than you.”

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The episode, ‘Broadcast Wagstaff School News’ proves a point about how the appearance of wealth can be a status symbol. In essence, Tammy wins the top spot of news anchor over a more basic-looking and basic-speaking Tina. The A/V club teacher, Mr. Grant, intimidates the Wagstaff News applicants, telling them that he will critique them on “eye contact, presentation, and how cool you are.”

5 “I’m The Hottest Girl In Eight Grade”

During a town-wide search for Louise’s favorite pet, Princess Little Piddles, The Belcher’s arrive at Tammy’s house. Tammy is shown to have a lot of technological gadgets, which she uses in her search for the chinchilla. The group decides to crash a high school party to save Prince Little Piddles. However, Tammy is skeptical.

“Wait! You think you can just get into that party? Oh, you are never going to get in! I wouldn’t even get in, and I’m the hottest girl in eight grade.” Later on, Tammy has to fear-fart at the high school party.

4 “I Can’t Believe You Won’t Go To Detention For Me”

The gang gets detention in ‘The Runway Club’ after Tammy starts yet another fight. Tammy is indignant that her dad wouldn’t go to detention for her. “I already told you, if I could, I would. But I can’t fit into your clothes, Tammy. You know I want to,” her dad replies, sitting in his Mercedes Benz.

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The episode reveals just how unpopular Tammy’s personality is when Louise says: “I’d like to apologize on behalf of Tammy. She’s a horrible person who caused all of this, and everyone should be released from this Hell Pit except her. Thank you.”

3 “What’s Up, Universal Nerd-Care?”

When Wagstaff School suffers an outbreak of lice, Tammy unwittingly visits the school nurse. Upon finding Gene, Zeke, and Regular-Sized Rudy at the school nurse’s office, she calls it “universal nerd-care”. Presently, Tina asks her why she visited the nurse.

“My nails are gross. Can someone here file them?” Tammy extends her hands, expecting Tina’s servitude. Despite Tina explaining that this is not part of the school nurse’s job, Tammy argues that, “umm … it will be when you do it!” This episode also sees Tammy come to the realization that she goes to public school, not a private school, much to her horror.

2 “People Literally Can’t Say No To Me”

School counselor, Mr. Frond, creates another extracurricular school activity in the name of “Tweentrepreneurs”. Once the tweentrepreneurs choose a product to sell, Tammy nominates Jimmy Jr. as the president of the company, since he thought of the idea. She, secondly, nominates herself as vice-president.

“I should be vice-president of sales, because people literally cannot say no to me.” Tammy proves her self-delusion once more, by forcing Tammy Two not to say no to her. It becomes evident that Tammy projects the image of a spoilt rich girl to mask her insecurities.

1 “I’m Going On A Cruise With My Parents To Turks And Caicos”

Spring Break finds the gang sharing their holiday plans. Tammy shares that she is going on a cruise with her parents to the luxurious Turks and Caicos Islands.

“A little bit of Turks; lots of Caicos. You know who’s going to be on my cruise ship? BFOTS! Boys from other towns! You’re not going anywhere [Tina]? You’re so lucky you don’t mind having a super boring life,” Tammy speaks carelessly.

The Belchers struggle with their finances. And Tammy, in true rich girl style, is unable to understand that not everyone is rich. Neither does she understand that she needs to show compassion and tact when in the presence of people who have less than she has.

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