The latest all-stars season of Big Brother wrapped up, and it was kind of a disaster, according to most fans. While it had the chance to be a fantastic season, a few casting issues sort of ruined the whole thing. Throw a pre-game alliance into the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for a bad season.

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If the casting on Big Brother 22 had been better, there’s a chance that perhaps the season could have been a good one. There are plenty of players that were left out for one reason or another (pregnancy took quite a few icons away from us) that would have been great to see play the game again.

10 Dan

Dan Gheeslig is probably the best player to ever take on the game of Big Brother. He’s a master at manipulation and getting people to do whatever he wants.

Both times he’s played the game he’s made it to the end, and he arguably only lost the second time around because of a bitter jury. Dan would have brought a level of gameplay to the season that it was sorely missing, which could have done wonders for things.

9 Derrick

Despite Derrick being a part of the pre-season alliance mess, he would have been a good addition to the show if he wasn’t planning on destroying it, as he did. Derrick is another manipulator who can get people to do things for him, as he did when he won Big Brother 16.

Seeing if Derrick could stand up to other key players in the game would have been interesting, as he wasn’t exactly surrounded by great players in season 16. We’d very quickly find out if he was on the level of players like Dan.

8 Vanessa

Vanessa is one of the former houseguests who got pregnant, and she’s another great player who would have made the season a lot more interesting than what it eventually became. Vanessa was, as previously described, a master manipulator.

While she was cut in the final three and didn’t quite win the season, she’s the type that would flourish with a second chance in the game, and would easily be able to duke it out with the heavyweights like Dan, Derrick, and Janelle.

7 Rachel

Rachel wanted to play in season 22, but couldn’t due to being pregnant at the time. The least you can say about Rachel is that she is fantastic TV. Besides that, she’s an excellent player in the game and even managed to win her second season.

Beyond that, she can win competitions like no one else. Rachel entering the game would have impacted things dramatically, and very likely, it would have been for the better.

6 Britney

And Britney would have been just as great. While she chose not to come on this season due to her kids, she’s always been fantastic to watch playing Big Brother. And, she would have been a part of some fantastic power plays.

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Besides being incredibly funny in her diary room sessions, she’s a great game player that knows how to align herself with the correct people and can win competitions when she needs to, as well. Britney would have been a bright spot during this season.

5 Andy

A controversial choice, sure, but you can’t deny that Andy wasn’t a master of social gaming in his original season, it’s what took him to the win of 15.

It’s very possible that he would be taken out incredibly quickly due to his label of being a “rat” in the game, but it would be interesting to see if he would be able to adapt and make it far in the game.

4 Paul

Another controversial choice due to the fact that people hate Paul after his last appearance on Big Brother 19, but he’s another player that is just too good at the game to leave out.

He ran the entire house in Big Brother 19, everyone did what he said without hesitation. It’s very unlikely that he would be able to do the same in a house full of all-stars, but knowing Paul, he’d be able to find a group of strong players in the house to align himself with.

3 Danielle

Danielle Reyes is one of the best to ever play the game. The fact that she didn’t appear on this season is a shame.

Janelle and Kaysar are the only two from the original all-stars season who appeared on Big Brother 22, but Danielle would have been a great third to appear, and she certainly would have shaken things up in a way that was certainly needed.

2 Haleigh

Haleigh had the misfortune of being a part of one of the worst alliances of all time in Big Brother 20, and dating one of the, frankly, weakest players to ever appear on the show.

Of her group, Haleigh was one of the only ones that was able to carry her weight by making smart decisions and winning competitions. Haleigh certainly deserved a spot in Big Brother 22 in order to be given a chance to play the game with a better group.

1 Jessica

Jessica is the latest glimpse of “old-school” Big Brother that we’ve seen in the newer seasons, and if she hadn’t been pregnant, she would have been great to see on the show.

She was dealt a bad hand in her first season due to the entire house turning on her because of Paul. If she had the chance to try again, she likely would make it a lot farther than she did her first time.

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