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In 2017, the classic television show Baywatch was adapted for the big screen in a comedy blockbuster starring Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario, and Priyanka Chopra. Since then, a sequel has long been in the gestation period, but hasn’t made any notable progress in some time.

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Fortunately, this leaves plenty of time to assemble a dream cast for the potential Baywatch 2 that could eventually hit cinemas one day. While the original cast has to come back, there are a few fresh faces who would be more than welcome to see in the Baywatch universe.

10 Parker Stevenson

The first Baywatch film featured appearances from Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff, both of whom starred in the original Baywatch television program. Why not keep that tradition going with another former cast member?

Parker Stevenson would be a fun one to see pop up again. He’s mostly been working in bit parts in rote films, so this could be a fun opportunity to prop up one of the people who made Baywatch, as a concept, possible.

9 Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas may be best known for his pipes while crooning with the Jonas Brothers. However, the Jumanji films have shown that he has acting chops in his arsenal, as well. Why not loan them to the Baywatch sequel?

Not to mention, his wife, Priyanka Chopra, also stars in the Baywatch series. It would be fun to see their chemistry together on screen. Why not get crazy and add Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner to the mix, too? The possibilities are endless.

8 Jenny Slate

Has any actor ever made as big of an impact on a sitcom’s laugh rate than Jenny Slate made when popping up late into the run of Parks and Recreation as Mona Lisa? That just shows you how talented she is.

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It would be incredible to see her lend those talents to a late-stage Baywatch entrance. Even if she just makes a small appearance akin to her turn in On the Rocks, the comedy nerds of the world would be delighted.

7 Dick Van Dyke

In the trailer for Mary Poppins Returns, fans were enchanted by the one-second image of Dick Van Dyke dancing on top of his character’s desk. That’s an immaculate power and charm to still have at his age.

Why not add a bit of his charm to Baywatch, too? A brief scene with Dick Van Dyke dancing on a beach or in a lifeguard tower doesn’t even really need to connect to the plot in any way. Dick Van Dyke just makes everything better, so it’d be foolish to deny him a role in any movie.

6 Anna Chlumsky

Anna Chlumsky is best known for her roles in My Girl (as a child) and on Veep (as an adult). Now, it’s time to include her in the Baywatch film franchise.

She’d be perfect as a tough businessperson, maybe even in a capacity that reunites her with Reid Scott as a duo. Maybe she tries to buy the beach that the Baywatch lifeguards frequent and they have to put on a variety show to raise enough money to save it.

5 Tom Cruise

The world has long anticipated the next time Tom Cruise plans to turn in a magnetic acting performance, like Magnolia proved he’s capable of pulling off, rather than another action franchise appearance.

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With a sequel to Top Gun on the way, the world would love to see Tom Cruise return to the beach volleyball court. This is the perfect chance to confirm that Baywatch and Top Gun not only exist in the same universe, but on the same beach. Geography doesn’t matter here, just make the crossover happen.

4 Mindy Kaling

There are a few simple truths of the universe. Matter cannot be created or destroyed. Death comes for everyone. And movies would be better if Mindy Kaling was in more of them.

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Ocean’s Eight? Delightful with Mindy! A Wrinkle in Time? Underrated, thanks to Mindy! It only makes sense to include Mindy Kaling in a Baywatch sequel. Make her a lifeguard, an everyday beach-goer, or the community’s mayor. It really doesn’t matter, just make her a part of the film.

3 Ashley Tisdale

It would be too obvious to say that Kevin Hart should join the cast to provide yet another reunion with Dwayne Johnson. Or that a Woody Harrelson cameo could reunite him with Alexandra Daddario.

That’s not the reunion that matters here. Instead, Ashley Tisdale should join the cast of a Baywatch sequel to pit her against Zac Efron once again. Many people are saying they want to see Troy Bolton and Sharpay Evans on screen again – this would be an amazing opportunity to make this happen.

2 Peter Stormare

Who doesn’t love Peter Stormare? The Fargo star is a beloved character actor who has been spending most of his time, as of late, turning up on some unconventional television shows.

Everything from Briarpatch to Animaniacs has featured Stormare in 2020 and fans would love to see him back on the big screen. He should absolutely be in the Baywatch sequel and maybe play a lifeguard with a hidden agenda. Or a lifeguard who makes a cameo because he has a birthday party to attend.

1 Yasmine Bleeth

And, of course, this list ends where it began: with the idea of adding another Baywatch original actor to the film in a cameo capacity. On Baywatch, she played Caroline Holden.

She should also play this role in a Baywatch sequel, just as Hasselhoff and Anderson should reprise their roles. Maybe Bleeth could play a different character rebooted, though, like Monica Geller. It doesn’t matter, as long as she comes back to have some fun with her friends.

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