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Batwoman just had her own epic homage to Frank Miller’s legendary graphic novel The Dark Knight ReturnsFighting drones alongside Steel, she eventually gets the upper hand and stands over a pact of robots she defeated singlehandedly, in a panel that looks a lot like Miller’s cover.

After the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel created an A.I. system intended to take down criminals, it inevitably became a supervillain itself. In the form of Composite Superman/Batman, the World’s Finest take on the killer machine in Batman/Superman #14. The series which is written by Joshua Williamson with art by Max Raynor and Alejandro Sanchez also features Batwoman and Steel in prominent roles, paralleling their respective counterparts.

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In an epic move by Batwoman, she manages to take down drones singlehandedly, while entirely out of frame. The next time she can be seen is standing atop the defeated drones, as lightning strikes behind her tattered cape blowing in the wind. The panel clearly pays homage to the iconic silhouette cover of The Dark Knight Returns which depicted the Caped Crusader lunging into an attack as the storm lit his figure. Batwoman’s only words to Steel afterward are a few coughs followed by, “You’re welcome.” Her minimalistic armor, including shoulder plates and electrically charged gauntlets, also feel reminiscent of Batman’s exoskeleton suit which he famously constructed to give himself a fair chance against Superman in Miller’s graphic novel.

Throughout recent years, Batwoman has been given a lot more attention from DC Comics, earning readers’ admiration. With enough strength and skill to take down an army of drones off-panel while Steel attempts to do the same, Batwoman’s promotion to such an epic adventure feels natural to her evolution. Fans can only imagine what remains in store for Kate Kane, as more Justice League-level threats arise. Although she started out in Gotham as Bruce did as Batman, it’s a good guess that her future is full of larger than life escapades that bring her beyond the city.

However, some readers have voiced criticism of such blatant references comparing Batwoman with the Dark Knight himself. She has never been a sidekick, but an equal to Batman. Although her image is obviously inspired by Gotham City’s prime protector, Kate Kane has worked hard to be her own hero. Regardless, it’s unlikely this is the last time such homages will be made that highlight how Batwoman has filled the bat boots that came before her. Batman/Superman #14 is available now.

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