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Warning! Spoilers ahead for Detective Comics #1031

In the latest issue of DC’s Detective ComicsBatman and his son Damian Wayne are having relationship problems. After failing his son in a pretty big way in recent comics, Damian has left the mantle of Robin behind in favor of forging his own path and choosing to fight crime as he sees fit, even if those methods are lethal ones that his father would not approve of. He’s also stolen pages from Batman’s black casebook, containing all of the cold cases and mysteries the Dark Knight has yet to solve. Now, Damian is seeking to solve some of these cases himself (perhaps to one-up his father?). Thanks to a lead Damian’s been following in this new issue, it’s possible that the Gotham foe Hush could be more tied to Batman’s origins than readers and Batman himself ever realized.

While Batman has been trying to find Damian and make amends, he’s also been struggling with the rising tide of public perceptions against the Dark Knight and his vigilante family. These anti-vigilante sentiments being fostered are coming not just from mayoral candidate Christopher Nakano, but also from the new foe known as the Mirror. As a result, Gotham has become divided over its support (or lack thereof) of vigilantes, leaving Batman struggling to find the means to maintain order and keep innocent lives safe from harm.

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Meanwhile, Damian is not with Batman and the rest of the Bat-Family in Detective Comics #1031 from Peter J. Tomasi and Bilquis Evely. Instead, he’s decided to confront Detective Catherine Poldolsky, the detective who just so happened to the one who was put on every case involving attempts made on Bruce Wayne’s life in his youth. Apparently, there was a period of time where someone was repeatedly trying to kill young Bruce, and there were several close calls. However, at one point they just stopped with no explanation, and the attempted murderer was never found nor identified. These cases were among the first to make it into the black casebook, as Batman himself has seemingly been unable to solve the mystery of who was trying to kill him all those years ago. However, Damian has seemingly cracked the code with this new lead, discovering that Poldoldky’s real name is Catherine Elliot, which ties her to none other than Tommy Elliot, Bruce Wayne’s childhood friend who would grow up to become the villain Hush.

Damian ties Podoldky/Elliot up, leaving the evidence with her for the cops to find, as well as having already sent his discoveries to the media. In Damian’s mind, he believes that he’s solved the case: Tommy Elliot was the attempted murderer, who then paid Catherine to mark all of the cases as unsolved in order to minimize any further investigation. This would check out, seeing as how Hush’s whole drive and obsession is based around his envy of Bruce Wayne and his desires to emulate his life. Perhaps he initially wanted Bruce dead due to his jealously, then stopped when he decided to become Hush?

However, this seems a touch too easy, and Damian is very confident. Why was this something Batman was unable to solve himself unless there’s more to the case Damian isn’t seeing? While Hush is most certainly involved, it seems like there have to be some key elements that are missing. Regardless, Hush himself has returned in the present to kidnap the entire Bat-Family during the vigilante protests and chaos right from under Batman’s nose, so perhaps those key elements will make themselves known as Detective Comics continues.

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