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The wonderful, wacky adventures of food characters on TV found its roots in VeggieTales (1993). The Christian animated show followed the main characters, a cucumber and a tomato, and their other veggie friends, including asparagus, peas, and butternut squash.

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By 1999, SpongeBob SquarePants was released, featuring even weirder and wackier characters, such as a sponge, an old crab, and an AI wife. The Amazing World Of Gumball would take SpongeBob’s wackiness to a whole new level by 2011, mixing the best assortment of wacky characters that audiences quickly fell in love with. Over the past few decades, food characters on TV have become the norm, making television wackier, and more wonderful.

10 Larry the Lobster

Larry the Lobster is an ultra-muscular lobster living in Bikini Bottom. He is often found hanging out in Goo Lagoon, working his pecs and his quads, and getting his lobster physique in perfect condition. It is evident that Larry abuses sun tanning, because uncooked lobsters are black. Larry cooked himself from excessive tanning and working out in the sun.

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In ‘The Tattletale Strangler’, Larry is so scared of the strangler, that he turned into a cooked lobster dish, served on a plate, with a fancy salad. Already cooked, the gym rat doesn’t look much different on the plate than he does while lifting.

9 Dr. Carrot Carotene, A Board-Certified Carottologist

After Mung Daal admonishes Chowder for being a scatterbrain in ‘Brain Grub’, Chowder panics. He decides he no longer wants to be a scatterbrain, for the safety of those around him. Mung Daal makes him some brain grub to make Chowder brainy. However, Chowder’s newly developed brain realizes how stupid the entire cartoon, and its characters are, and decides to use his new brain power to change the show into an educated format. He decides to save audiences from the stupidity of the entire Cartoon Network show.

The new show on cooking is a talk feature featuring Dr. Carrot Carotene, A Board-Certified Carrotologist. Dr. Carotene, however, is incredibly boring and Chowder’s changes makes all the characters get boring jobs, like accounting. Worst of all, Chowder’s changes makes the viewers “cry”.

8 Patty

Patty is a Jamaican patty in Apple & Onion. George Gendi, creator of the show, is true to the roots of the foods in his world. With a Jamaican accent, and a light flaky, golden crust, Patty is the owner of the dollar store where Apple and Onion work. In ‘Apple’s In Charge’, she sings a reggae song with Apple and Onion on the importance of good business practices. A show about anthropomorphic food, Apple & Onion helps its largely young audiences learn about the importance of accepting and celebrating different cultures.

7 Falafel

Despite his name, falafel is not actually a falafel, but a falafel wrap. Apple and Onion’s landlord, Falafel is also their friend. His dad is an actual falafel, while his mum is a peeled cucumber. Together, they made a complete falafel wrap. In the Apple & Onion world, this makes complete sense. Following the positive message of celebrating diversity, Falafel is voiced by Egyptian actor, Sayed Badreya. Falafel is portrayed as an Egyptian immigrant who misses home, but finds comradeship in Onion. On his part, Onion is a British immigrant who misses his parents back in the United Kingdom.

6 Tofu

Tofu makes his appearance in Chowder in the episode, ‘Shnitzel Quits’. Tofu is a giant tofu dealing with low self-esteem, after being bullied as a child by eggs who told him cruelly: “You’ll never be round like us.” When Schnitzel’s demand for a raise proves unsuccessful, he quits. Mung Daal replaces the giant rock, Shnitzel, with Tofu, who is bigger and stronger, but also crazier.

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Tofu is still battling his childhood demons, and finds that he cannot do the job without threatening the lives of those around him. The poor vegan food loses yet another job in one week.

5 Sarah G. Latto

Sarah G. Latto is the obsessed ice cream cone and friend of Darwin and Gumball. Like many characters on the show, Sarah is a food that never seems to go off, expire, melt or lose shape, apart for comedic purposes. Even more ridiculous, Sarah has arms and legs and is able to walk everywhere, despite both of her legs coming out of the bottom of the cone, with very little space between them. Physically, she is an ice cream cone that is bigger than most of her classmates, apart from the prehistoric dinosaur, Tina Rex.

4 Mr Krabs

Mr Krabs, like Squidward and Larry the Lobster, joins a list of delicious sea creatures that are food in SpongeBob SquarePants. His “big meaty claws” are not just for attracting mates, as he so eloquently put it in ‘Band Geeks’. Although he was referring to assaulting a fish in that instance, Eugene H. Krabs is a juicy crab, well-fed on the profit that SpongeBob makes him at The Krusty Krab. Indeed, Eugene was once served with fries, as a giant hand holding a fork appeared from the ocean-sky, trying to eat him. The former sailor and all-around tough guy had to fight his way out of that situation.

3 Banana Joe

Banana Joe is an anthropomorphic banana in The Amazing World Of Gumball. To anthropomorphize the character, George Gendi added googly eyes, a Play-Doh mouth, and hastily drawn, stick arms and legs. Banana Joe’s peel is simply an outfit, which he often takes off to swap for other outfits. He also has many different peels for a change of outfit on a daily basis. When he converses, his googly eyes move with him, as do his Play-Doh mouth.

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Banana Joe is also romantically attracted to girl fruits, although it is not clear how he distinguishes girl fruits from boy fruits.

2 Arthur Watley: The Dread Lobster

Watley starts off as a human being on the Adult Swim series, Frisky Dingo. When his boss, billionaire and secret superhero, Xander Crews, decides to make a new supervillain, “The Dread Lobster”, Watley begins his transformation into a crustacean. He slowly turns into a lobster throughout the season, until he is forced to move under the sea. In true Frisky Dingo style, The Dread Lobster decides to move back to land after a series of convoluted subplots. Watley, sadly, is one of the few food characters who ends up being eaten in a sad twist of fate for the former accountant.

1 Moolisa

Moolisa is a cow with a blonde wig who haunted Bob Belcher in ‘Sacred Cow’. The episode begins with Bob excited to share the news that the restaurant would soon serve its 100,000th burger. Activist-documentarian, Randy, does not share Bob’s excitement, and forces Bob to face his evil burger-making deeds. The ploy works, and Bob soon grows fond of Moolisa. After Bob and Randy team up to save Moolisa from cattle-nappers, the cow dies of a heart attack anyway. To alleviate his guilt, Bob dreams that Moolisa, a steer, talks to him, giving Bob the permission to cook him for the 100,000th burger.

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