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The Amazing Race 32 teams have survived the show’s first-ever Mega Leg, so it’s time to review who’s winning and who’s trailing behind in the season. This season of TAR has thus far featured eight legs. The contestants have had to race around the world in places like Trinidad and Tobago, Colombia, Brazil, Paraguay, France, Germany, Kazakhstan, and India. Next up are Cambodia, the Philippines, and then heading back to the United States. The season started at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California, but it is scheduled to end at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. Whichever team finishes that last Leg in first place will win $1 million.

Leg 8, which took place in India, was the first Mega Leg in the history of The Amazing Race. In it, the teams had to overcome double the roadblocks and double the detours. They also had to run double the distance in comparison to a regular Leg. Needless to say, this was a very challenging moment for the contestants – testing their limits and pushing them to the edge. In a group effort, the dominant alliance managed to Yield “the blondes” Kaylynn and Haley twice, which caused their elimination. So, how are the five remaining teams doing at the moment?

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The five remaining season 32 teams finished the first Mega Leg on The Amazing Race in the following order: Riley & Maddison (1st), Will & James (2nd), DeAngelo & Gary (3rd), Hung & Chee (4th), and Eswar & Aparna (5th). Interestingly, at this point on the show, each of the ten contestants in those five teams have performed a total of four roadblocks. But when it comes to track records, these teams are not so even. Right now, Riley & Maddison are the only team to have finished every single Leg in fourth place or higher. For four Legs straight now, they’ve finished in either first or second place. But they still don’t have the three first-place finishes that Will & James have in their track record, unless you count each half of the Mega Leg (Riley & Maddison finished both halves in first place). Between the other teams, Hung & Chee have the best track record: two first places, two second places, two third places, a fourth place, and a sixth place. Statistically, DeAngelo & Gary have a worse track record, as they’ve finished in fourth place and in fifth place way more times. The team that is really behind, at least numbers-wise, is Eswar & Aparna. They’ve finished most Legs in the middle of the pack or right before coming in last place.

Still, there’s a lot of racing to be done before The Amazing Race 32 ends. The season is still scheduled to have at least three more episodes, so anything can happen to these teams running around the world for a chance to win $1 million.

Will the frontrunners take it all? Will the underdogs prevail? Anything can happen in the upcoming weeks of TAR 32.

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The Amazing Race 32 airs on Wednesdays at 8pm ET on CBS.

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