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The bond between siblings has been a longtime fascination for film and television shows. Those who think romance is the pinnacle of an interesting relationship will be surprised to know that some of the most memorable character bonds are between siblings. Popular shows like Supernatural have a brother duo as its main characters and one of Disney’s biggest hits, Frozen, is all about the love between sisters rather than a princess and prince finding each other.

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Besides brother and brother and sister with sister duos though, there are also very memorable brother and sister characters.

Updated on November 24th by Matthew Wilkinson: The relationships between a brother and sister are always very different from what same-gender siblings provide and that can lead to some really special storylines within television or movies. Whether it’s being as protective as possible or having characters who wind each other up, there is something very funny and relatable about them and it’s lead to tons of great duos from movie and TV history. A such, we’ve added an extra 5 to this list.

15 Luke And Leia From Star Wars

Luke and Leia from the famous Star Wars franchise are both intergalactic rebels that the world of movies and pop culture will never forget. They are also special for having a romantic relationship before finding out they were related. Awkward!

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Not only are they brother and sister, but they are twins! Twins have always been a huge subject of fascination in literature, folklore, and more, making Leia and Luke all the more iconic.

14 Mabel And Dipper From Gravity Falls

Twins Dipper and Mabel won the hearts of many fans when Gravity Falls was released in 2012. The two of them are living with their great uncle Stan over the summer, and see a lot of what makes the show special through the family interactions. Dipper is the more serious and ambitious one who is trying to unlock the secrets of the town while Mabel is incredibly outgoing, silly, and fun.

Sibling relationships are a big part of the show, so their connection and trust in each other are often explored.

13 Ron And Ginny Weasley From Harry Potter

The Harry Potter franchise plays host to quite a few excellent siblings, two of which are from the Weasley family. But there is something special about the relationship between Ron and Ginny. They go through a lot together, with many of those moments being quite difficult, yet they always come out on the other side even stronger.

They’re a classic brother and sister duo in the fact that they are able to wind each other up, but then also be very caring. It’s the type of relationship where they can mock each other, but nobody else can hurt them, or else they will become defensive, which is great to see.

12 Max And Dani From Hocus Pocus

Max and Dani are siblings with a wider age gap than a lot of the others on this list, but that is part of what makes them so interesting in their dynamic. Max is a teenager who wants to do teen activities and that is causing friction with his little sister, Dani, who wants him to take her trick or treating.

However, their sibling bond is put to the test by three witches but it’s more than strong enough to survive.

11 Klaus And Violet From A Series of Unfortunate Events

A Series of Unfortunate Events is a movie, show, and book series about the strength of a family overcoming hardships together. However, the parents are dead and the three siblings have to depend on each other. The older ones are Klaus and Violet and their relationship is the most prominent in the series.

They are always together and have a very healthy sibling relationship built on trust and teamwork. Having each other is probably the least unfortunate thing in their lives. They also both have to act as parents to their youngest sibling, Sunny.

10 Phineas And Candace Flynn From Phineas & Ferb

This is one of the most fun siblings in television history, with Phineas and Candace constantly winding each other up and frustrating the other to the point of annoyance. Candace is desperate to catch out her brother and his inventions, telling him off to their parents, and seeing her fail each time is always hilarious.

However, even though they do annoy each other and push each other’s buttons, they can be kind and caring towards each other when they need to be, just like any great set of siblings.

9 Dwayne And Olive From Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine is a very heartfelt film about family and being yourself. The youngest, Olive, wants to win a Little Miss Sunshine child pageantry contest, and the family bands together to get her there so she can have her dream come true. However, it is slowly revealed that while everyone in the family is ambitious and has dreams, none of them get what they want because society is just one big beauty contest that they are all losers in.

The brother, Dwayne, hates his family and does not even say a word for the first half of the film until he has a breakdown when he realizes he is colorblind and can never go to the Air Force Academy. The only person who could console him is Olive, his sister. Later on, he defends Olive and even dances silly with her when people at the beauty contest start to boo her.

8 Jon Snow & Arya Stark From Game Of Thrones

There’s a lot of brother and sister relationships within Game of Thrones, with one, in particular, standing out for being a little too close. However, the bond between Jon Snow and Arya Stark really is the most fun to watch throughout.

They might spend most of the show split apart, but anytime they hear about the other, their faces light up, plus, the moment they finally meet again is one of the very best from the series. Their reactions showcase the shock of each other still being alive, and the sheer love that they have, even if they’re not proper siblings. Many families are split and different nowadays, and that’s what makes this relationship a special one.

7 Shuri And T’Challa From Black Panther

Shuri And T’Challa are great characters for a lot of individual reasons. Shuri is a relatable teenager, incredibly smart, can fight, helps those in need, and defies a lot of stereotypes. T’Challa is modest, fights for what he loves is merciful, and has an open mind.

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Together, they are an amazing team and everyone wants to see more scenes with these two characters interacting. Together they joke, they laugh, and they are just the kind of siblings you want to hang out with.

6 Nick And Margo Dunne From Gone Girl

The sister and brother bond in Gone Girl is one of the strongest that has ever been shown within film and television. The bond that Nick and Margo have is incredibly close and the love and trust they have for each other is obvious, with Margo being one of the only people that actually believes her brother.

She’s committed to helping clear his name as much as humanly possible and she goes to great lengths to do so. The seriousness of the film doesn’t really get to showcase the funnier side that their relationship might have, but the love between them is clear.

5 Bart and Lisa Simpson From The Simpsons

The Simpsons is known as one of the best shows of the 20th century, so of course the main kid characters, Bart and Lisa, are on this list. They are not exactly opposites in terms of personality, but they are pretty different and butt heads a lot in the show.

Bart is a mischievous rebel with sharp wit and often disrespects authority while Lisa is incredibly intelligent and politically aware and liberal. The two often fight like a brother and sister are expected to, but always end up accepting each other in the end. Also “Bart” was Lisa’s first word, which shows the strong bond they really have.

4 Wednesday and Pugsley Addams From The Addams Family

While Wednesday and Pugsley are often depicted with a strong sibling rivalry, they share a lot of interests. Like most of the family, they like the macabre and share a love of dangerous objects.

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The Addams family is like no other, so they really only have each other to play with when it comes to these unusual interests. It goes to show that even if society does not accept you, a great family with a similar sibling can make all the difference.

3 Ross And Monica Geller From Friends

Friends is one of the most iconic television shows of all time and the closeness of the lead characters is a big reason for that. They have a very tight bond, sharing all their free time together and one of the most special relationships within that group is with Ross and Monica.

The brother and sister are most like best friends at points, and it is very heart-warming to see. They share the ups and downs together and are always on hand to pick each other up, all while having the classic back and forth arguments that are expected from siblings.

2 Katara And Sokka From Avatar The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender has been known as one of the greatest cartoons on American television if not just plain one of the best shows. It explores a ton from eastern philosophy to overcoming your past and the expectations of others.

Katara and Sokka are siblings that adventure together with Aang, the last airbender. They are both pretty different, with Sokka being cynical and often more of the comedic character and Katara being a waterbender with a lot of faith in their cause. Despite those differences, they stick together and support each other through a lot of hardship.

1 Deedee And Dexter From Dexter’s Laboratory

Out of all the siblings on this list, it is Deedee and Dexter who are the most different from each other. One is a goofy, mischievous, and obnoxious teenager while the other is a genius who just wants to get work done.

They are also the most comedic due to how different they are, often with Dexter having to chase his sister out of his laboratory so that she does not destroy everything. Those with siblings can definitely understand the struggle of just wanting a bit of privacy sometimes.

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