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On Drake & Josh, the classic Nickelodeon sitcom from the 2000s, the main sense of humor was nonsensical, absurdist jokes with punchlines akin to Dadaism. In that sense, much of the comedy on Drake & Josh made little sense, but that’s not the main focus of this list.

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Instead, there were some key plot points and episode premise prompts that went far beyond the realm of “suspension of disbelief.” There are numerous instances on Drake & Josh where nothing made sense about the show at all. Part of this is a way to explain how the generation that was raised on the show has such an offbeat sense of humor. Part of this is just how life was for Drake Parker and Josh Nichols.

10 Affording A Tree House

In the season four episode of Drake & Josh, “Tree House,” the brothers are tasked with rebuilding the treehouse in the backyard of their neighbor’s home. This is a practice that is decided upon immediately when they accidentally burn down the original house.

Yet, the notion of putting a plan in motion in just a couple of days makes no sense. Josh has a minimum wage job and Drake is a guitarist in a band. Yet they can not only afford the materials for a treehouse, but they can also devise an entire pulley system and cut out all the pieces? And they have no contracting experience?

9 Josh And Mindy

Fortunately, the “Tree House” episode, even though it’s nonsense, is still one of the better episodes of the show. The same is true of any installment that features the dynamic between Josh and Mindy prominently.

While getting the two together was a creatively wise decision, it makes no sense why the two would be fond of each other. Their entire dynamic throughout the show is built on being adversaries, but as soon as Mindy turns up again, Josh is a bit overeager to date her. It makes no sense because no character development was put in motion to earn the coupling.

8 Chemistry Test Rules

Speaking of riveting episodes of Drake & Josh, the installment, “Josh Is Done,” ranks very highly. In this episode, Drake ends up losing Josh’s love when he selfishly puts his own needs over Josh’s one time too many.

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Yet, the rules from the chemistry teacher are what makes no sense. When it’s test time, Josh being just a few seconds late is enough to earn him a failing grade on the exam. But during another test, Drake openly cheats, nearly burns himself, and then has an entire emotional conversation with Josh. Pick a lane, teacher! Be lenient or don’t be lenient!

7 Putting A Car Together

Speaking of things that don’t make sense on Drake & Josh as they pertain to teachers, let’s revisit Mindy for a moment. Her initial departure (only temporarily) from the show comes in “Honor Council” when she admits to framing Drake for a prank by assembling Mrs. Hayfer’s car in her own classroom.

Putting aside the borderline hatred/abuse inflicted upon Drake by Mrs. Hayfer, how can Mindy possibly pull this off? For one, schools are locked in the evening. For another, it would take an immaculately intelligent mechanic (not just one who is adjacent to some) who works faster than The Flash to pull it off. It’s funny, but it is lacking in sense.

6 School Court

Speaking of the episode, “Honor Council,” it’s one thing to see Mindy manage to pull off an impossible prank. But it makes no sense why the school would come to a grinding halt to litigate it.

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A school honor council is formed rapidly in the school and the classes seem to cease in order to decide who is guilty of the prank. Does no one go to class? Do teachers not have lesson plans to go through with their students? This show definitely lived in a heightened reality.

5 Candy For Dinner?

Oftentimes, one must wonder how much of Drake and Josh’s behavior actually makes a lick of sense. Their show aired on TeenNick, yet they seem to act like children frequently. What age bracket was this for exactly?

One example comes when Drake regularly discusses how much he’d like to have candy for every meal of the day. This is something a six-year-old would enjoy, but Drake should be old enough to know better. It doesn’t make sense why he’s so obsessed with candy.

4 Buying Animals Online

In the season three episode, “Sheep Thrills,” Megan is shown to buy a sheep and a zebra from the Internet. In Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh, the boys buy a monkey for Officer Perry Gilbert online.

Why is it so easy to buy animals online on Drake & Josh? Even to simply adopt a dog, there are many steps of applications and paperwork to go through. Yet, it seems to cost nothing to obtain exotic animals from the web.

3 Christmas Charges

Speaking of the Christmas movie in which Drake Bell and Josh Peck starred, the police force must be called into question. Some hoodlums show up at the rooftop holiday party and begin flipping bowls of chips over and causing a disruption.

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This results in the cops mistaking Josh for part of the riffraff and they then throw him over the roof and charge him with resisting arrest. Following this, Drake and Josh (after a thwarted prison escape) end up facing decades in prison for their “crimes.” The laws and charges on Drake & Josh make no sense and may be an example of a dystopian version of today’s reality.

2 Theater Thug

Speaking of how crime operates on Drake & Josh, one must ask many questions about the Theater Thug. This is the criminal Josh places on a crime reenactment series.

Yet, the entire world takes the story as empirical truth and attempts to abuse and arrest Josh, believing him to be the real Theater Thug. Why does everyone believe a series that is explicitly a reenactment? It’s utter nonsense and posits everyone in the community as completely stupid.

1 Megan And Her Blueprints

One of the most infuriating elements of Drake & Josh is the fact that Megan gets away with practical torture against her brothers and she never faces any sort of consequences for her behavior.

But how dim and oblivious must her parents be? Megan has an entire criminal control board and house surveillance system in her bedroom wall that slides from view with the click of a remote. Did her parents miss that on the blueprints or did Megan pull of major home renovation without them knowing? Either way, it’s just another part of Drake & Josh that makes no sense.

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