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There isn’t an Office museum but there should be. If one were ever to open up in Scranton, Pennsylvania as part of their tourism initiative, there should be rows and rows of popular scenes from the sitcom, framed in the most luxurious of frames with traditional titles.

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These images would be examined by viewers but a description of each photo wouldn’t be necessary because diehard Office fans know these hilarious scenes like the back of their hand. Dunder Mifflin may sound like a humdrum paper company, but Michael Scott and his employees were capable of all sorts of hilarious shenanigans that made for the most memorable, hysterical tableaus.

10 “The Great Chili Spill” By Kevin Malone

In the episode “Casual Friday,” there’s an opening scene of Kevin carrying a massive tin of chili from his car to the office. He explains that he makes a massive pot of his famous chili for the entire office once a year. It’s a Malone family recipe that’s been passed down for generations and is the one thing Kevin is good at.

But by the time Kevin reaches Dunder Mifflin, the weight of the chili is too much to handle and he drops it all over the carpet. Kevin panics and tries scooping the chili back into the pot but ends up falling into it. It was the equivalent of a chili slip ‘n slide.

9 “Hannibal Lecter In Scranton” By Dwight Schrute

Dwight loses his mind with power in the fifth season. In the episode “Stress Relief,” the office is forced to do a CPR class after Dwight created a fake fire, causing Stanley to have a heart attack. But as usual, Dwight finds the CPR dummy unresponsive and starts cutting into it to harvest the organs.

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He then slides the dummy’s face on his, just like Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs. The scene was such a classic Dwight moment, yet it was totally unexpected. It would be museum gold.

8 “The Car Accident Of ’07” By Michael Scott & Meridith Palmer

In the episode “Fun Run,” Michael is driving to work and tells the camera crew what a great couple of months it’s been. But as he pulls into Dunder Mifflin’s parking lot, he hits Meredith with his car, and she slowly rolls off the windshield. This was so unexpected for viewers but soon became a hilarious moment in the show.

Michael told the office Meridith was hit with a car, he just didn’t say who hit her… He then later told everyone that if he didn’t hit Meredith with his car, she wouldn’t have found out that she had rabies. So, in a way, he saved her… Sure, Michael.

7 “The Foot Cookout” By Michael Scott

In “The Injury,” Michael calls Pam at the office and asks her to pick him up from his house because he burned his foot and couldn’t walk on his own. Pam, of course, declined and asked how he burned his foot. According to Michael, he has a George Foreman Grill plugged in next to his bed.

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He lays a few strips of bacon on it when he goes to bed and when he wakes up, he turns it on so he can wake up to the smell of bacon. This time around, he accidentally stepped on his grill and burned his foot. Dwight went to his house to save him but Michael did nothing at work besides sit there with bubble wrap around his foot and whine.

6 “The Breakroom Incident” By Stanley Hudson & Ryan Howard

In “Take Your Daughter To Work Day,” Stanely brings his teenage daughter to work. She was by far the oldest “kid” at the office and seemed far more interested in Ryan than in her father’s job.

When Kelly notices his daughter flirting with Ryan, she tells Stanley immediately that something fishy was going on between them. Stanley then cornered Ryan in the breakroom and gave him a stern talking-to. It was a moment Office fans would never forget because of how ferocious Stanley was.

5 “It’s Britney B**ch” By Michael Scott

This image would be blown up in The Office museum and the entire scene would have its own exhibit.

The camera shows Michael pulling up to work in his convertible with the top down, listening to “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga. He turns down the music and says “It’s Britney, b**ch,” in a hysterical nod to Britney Spears. However, he didn’t realize he wasn’t listening to Britney… Michael eventually stops talking to the camera and tries to parallel park but fails tremendously.

4 “The Cat Rescue” By Angela Martin & Oscar Martinez

In the episode “Stress Relief,” the office believes there’s a fire in the building and they’re trapped in a confined space. The employees begin breaking windows to avoid being engulfed in flames. Oscar thought it was a good idea to escape through the ceiling and jumped up. Angela attempts to follow him but is too short to reach Oscar. She also has her cat Bandit with her. To save her cat from certain death, she screams “Save Bandit!” and tosses her cat into the ceiling, making the entire scene even more iconic than it already was.

3 “Scared Straight” By Prison Mike

Michael becomes annoyed beyond measure when his employees think jail sounded better than being at work all day. At least inmates at Martin’s jail get outdoor time and can watch TV on a flatscreen.

Frustrated at their attitude, Michael tries to scare the office straight. He transforms into a character named “Prison Mike” to prove to everyone that Dunder Mifflin is heaven compared to a place like jail. Hilariously, Michael has no idea that the office is messing with him.

2 “Toby’s Touch” By Toby Flenderson

When Dunder Mifflin has to work late one night, things get tricky when they realize they never told security about their decision and their cars were locked in. While waiting for their cars to be saved, they all sit in the lobby and talk about Michael. Things get weird when Pam laughs at Toby’s joke.

He’s so happy to have made Pam giggle that he pats her knee and grazes it for far longer than he should have. He immediately knows he crossed a line, tells everyone he’s quitting and climbs the fence to escape the situation!

1 “Identity Theft” By Jim Halpert

The pranks between Jim and Dwight never get old. Their workday would be so boring without them joking around with each other. But in the episode “Product Recall,” Jim pulls the best prank of all by imitating Dwight. He wears Dwight’s classic yellow shirt, striped tie, big glasses, and even parts his hair! It’s this scene that Jim says “Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica.” Dwight becomes enraged that Jim was portraying him because “identity theft is not a joke!”

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