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There really aren’t many shows on the air, or shows that have been on the air, in pretty much all of the runtime of The Simpsons. The show is well-known for being extremely unique and for constantly evolving in a way that doesn’t do away with the basic character traits of the characters (at least for the first 10 seasons) since these characters are the glue that holds the show together.

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That being said, maybe a crossover episode made with characters from another well-loved animated show could do much better for the series than the Family Guy crossover did. Today, we’ll be having a look at some characters who would actually fit into the show’s diverse ecosystem much better.

10 Bobby Hill

While there was a bit of controversy surrounding Stewie Griffin’s appearance on The Simpsons, this young kid from a closely related adult animated show from the same time period would probably work a lot better. Bobby Hill is pretty much everyone’s favorite character from King Of The Hill, a show that ran on Fox during the early-middle of The Simpsons run.

With his artsy and theatrical nature, he’s like a good mix of Bart and Lisa trapped in the south, surrounded by red-blooded American Texans. Bobby would flourish with the Simpsons’ kids much more than in his current environment.

9 Phillip J. Fry

It only makes sense that there’d be an appearance from the main character of what was for a long time Matt Groening’s only other show, Futurama.

Whether he came across the Simpsons through some sort of time travel or we see it revealed that their paths cross during Fry’s time spent in our modern-day before the length of the show, Fry’s bumbling idiocy coming into contact with Homer’s would probably spell doom for all of humanity, especially if there were some sort of sci-fi device Fry had borrowed from Professor Farnsworth were involved.

8 Stan Marsh

Seeing as The Simpsons have done crossover episodes before, it seems like maybe the only reason we haven’t gotten one with anyone from South Park might be the fact that the two shows aren’t owned by the same corporate entities.

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While it might even be more controversial than the crossover between The Simpsons and Family Guy, we think that taking one of the more tame characters from South Park would work out well, namely Stan Marsh or Butters Stotch. In fact, a whole Simpsons episode that featured the distinct cut-out aesthetics of South Park would truly be something to behold.

7 Tina Belcher

Tina Belcher doesn’t quite line up with either Bart or Lisa, but she’s probably the most iconic of the kids in Bob’s Burgers, although Louise and Gene are also great. If Tina didn’t get along with the other kids, she could always develop some weird crush on one of the kids at Springfield Elementary, or perhaps she would get along pretty well with Ralph Wiggum, given her odd non-sequiturs and uncomfortable, awkward musings.

Either way, one of the shows that helped popularize the format of adult animation with one of the modern greats of the genre need to have a meeting.

6 Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman might at first seem like too dark of a character to have involved with the more care-free feel of The Simpsons, but there’s definitely a misconception in the popular idea of what The Simpsons is and how deep it gets.

Especially in the earlier seasons, there were some very meaningful concepts that were explored in the family dynamic and about characters we’ve come to know and love throughout the years. In fact, someone like Krusty the Clown and Bojack both have a lot in common, being washed up TV stars that’ll do pretty much anything to make a buck.

5 Sterling Archer

While at first, it wouldn’t seem like there would be all that much reason for Archer to get involved with the Simpsons, we’ve seen more than a few intelligence officers get involved in the family’s lives. If we were to have another scenario happen (like the movie) where the family was essentially public enemy number one, an Archer cameo definitely wouldn’t be outside of the realm of possibilities.

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There are also characters who are more than likely to get in trouble with the law, ranging from characters like Snake to Sideshow Bob, or maybe even the aforementioned Krusty with his shady dealings.

4 Dipper Pines

Dipper Pines isn’t a character from an adult animated show or anything like that, but anyone who’s watched Gravity Falls can definitely vouch for the fact that just like The Simpsons, it can be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike.

If there’s anything that The Simpsons is missing outside of a few episodes and some of the Treehouse Of Horror specials, it would be just a little more weirdness, something that Dipper, Mable, and Gruncle Stan would probably bring tons of on a journey to Springfield, or something that would definitely be experienced in the titular town of Gravity Falls on a vacation.

3 Daria Morgendorffer

Daria Morgendorffer is like some type of alternate universe Lisa, maybe Lisa if she had a friend who was as supportive and different as Jane Lane. It’s almost guaranteed that Daria and the rest of the family wouldn’t get along very well,  but that definitely makes sense considering the fact that Lisa doesn’t generally feel very connected to her own family.

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Daria of course is the title character of Daria, which was originally a spin-off of Mike Judge’s smash-hit MTV series Beavis And Butthead. While the age difference might be a little strange, Daria would be a great role model for Lisa.

2 Zim

Zim of Invader Zim might not exactly be one of the most typical cartoon protagonists, but then again, neither were any of the Simpsons before they helped to kick off an entire genre. Most of the action in Invader Zim is derived from the fact that Zim comes from an alien race called the Irken, and he’s here on earth to conquer it, which the Irken assigned him because they think earthlings are stupid which is fitting for Zim.

Watching Zim try to grapple with the struggle of getting one over on Bart (who would likely be oblivious and try to make friends) and Lisa (who would catch on immediately) would be a really fun dynamic, and most of Zim takes place at school anyway.

1 Coach John McGuirk

“Brendan, hey… Brendan! You ever seen a show called The Simpsons?”. Coach John Mcguirk, soccer coach to Brendan Small (named after the creator of the show) is one of the most underrated characters in all of adult animation. The show Home Movies likely lives rent-free in the minds of tons of millennials who grew up waking up to fever-dream-like shows on Adult Swim at 4 am, but it deserves so much more attention.

Coach McGuirk in specific, voiced by Jon Benjamin who also starts in Bob’s Burgers and Archer is an iconic character, frequently having conversations about adult subjects with the main characters. Since there’s no big coach character in The Simpsons, it would be a fitting cameo at least for an episode or two.

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