Red Dead Online has been incredibly successful with its various updates this year. The game has been updated with new missions, new animals, and tons of new cosmetic items. Players have been pleased with how active Rockstar Games has been with keeping the game stocked with new content, and are even more anxious to see what comes next.

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In honor of Halloween, a brand-new mode called Dead of Night has been released. This game mode adds a fun new horror-themed challenge to the game so players can compete against one another. While it’s still no Undead Nightmare, it is definitely a welcome change of pace for players. Here’s everything to know about Dead of Night in Red Dead Online.

This new mode pits four distinct teams of players against one another in a fight for supremacy and survival against hordes of the ravenous undead. Players must fight to protect one another from the zombies but must also fight rival teams in the process. The mode incentivizes this by making zombie kills worth a certain amount, while player kills are worth a considerable amount more.

Players are armed with standard ranged and melee weapons that are found in the main game, however, Dead Eye targeting is turned off, so players will need to brush up on their aiming skills. Players will also have limited access to what is called Night Stalker Masks. These masks allow players to temporarily transform into supernatural beings that jump insanely high and do a ton of melee damage to players.

Playing this new mode will net players triple rewards and the chance to open care packages which contain Tomahawks, Volatile Fire Bottles, and Incendiary Buckshot Slugs. Players will need to get the Halloween Pass to access the game mode. This costs the player 15 gold bars and contains 20 tiers of rewards to win. Each tier will unlock special items that can’t be found anywhere else in the game, and players who reach level 20 will be able to customize their moonshine bar with Halloween-themed décor.

Dead of Night is an all-out brawl between players and zombies. The zombies in this case are more like undead soldiers in the sense that they are armed and will fire upon players from a distance. This means that players will always need to be on their toes to survive the ordeal.

The best strategy for staying alive is to look for cover at every turn. There will often be points in which players are surrounded and bullets are flying in every direction. Having a reliable place for players to catch their breath is going to be especially important in this mode. Another tip is to look for the Night Stalker Mask from the start of the mode. This item is sought after by all players but will greatly increase the player’s chances of surviving until the end of the match and making the most kills.

When using the Night Stalker Mask, players should remain cautious. Many players will simply run out into the fray and become surround quickly. Night Stalkers are easy to spot, so they tend to draw a lot of fire when on the field. The best strategy is to lay low and strike players strategically from their various points of cover. While the Night Stalker can jump remarkably high, they aren’t all that fast on their feet. This jumping is helpful for avoiding a few bullets at a time but often results in players having a solid vertical target to fire at while in the air.

Another good strategy is to focus on differentiating between players and zombies. Player tags are visible during gameplay, so telling players apart shouldn’t be difficult. Players will be harder to take down but will net more points at the end of the round. Because zombies can shoot, it will be hard to totally forget about them and focus on enemy players but doing so will usually end in a larger victory.

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Red Dead Online is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and Microsoft Windows.