Hacking in Watch Dogs: Legion is a central part of the game, and getting drones to do some of the dirty work can take players very far. Littered throughout Watch Dogs: Legion are drones ranging from Chase Drones, Riot Drones, and even Anti-Terrorist Drones. Using drones in various situations will get players out of severe jams where, for example, a good hack could save an inevitable end against an Anti-Terrorist Drone.

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When it comes to hacking drones, the most crucial aspect is to unlock the ability within the game’s Tech Menu. The Tech Menu houses many other skills that players can unlock, such as the Disrupt Hack, AR Cloak, and the Infiltrator Spider Bot. To open the various abilities, players will need to collect Tech Points. Each point will go towards unlocking skills, and the Drone Hack is instrumental in combination with other tech abilities. For example, using the Disrupt Hack can stop the desired drone dead in its tracks, leaving it vulnerable to a hack.

To unlock the drones from the Tech menu will require many Tech Points, which are few and far between, so be sure that the drone will serve many different uses. If looking at the Riot Drone as an example, a few upgrades need to happen first to get the hacking ability. Once the drone’s hacking ability is unlocked, finding a drone of that same type will occur during the ordinary course of gameplay, although being ready for it will save lots of time later on. To hack a drone, aim at the desired drone, and a menu will show up in the middle of the screen. It will have various buttons to push, and the hacking one will be the top-most option called “Hijack.” A highlighted button means it’s ready to activate, but the choice is not available for use if it’s grayed out. After selecting the Hijack option, the camera will jump from the player to the drone, meaning the drone is under control. The controls for the drone will be on the lower part of the screen. Keep in mind that hacking offensive drones might not be a great move if characters could be more useful as operatives instead. If getting characters to join the team is not a priority, drones will give you relative safety in dispatching enemy units or a nice distraction to escape to safety.

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Watch Dogs: Legion is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC.