The long-running Child’s Play franchise features one of the most unique horror movie slashers in the genre with Chucky, a Good Guy doll that was possessed with the soul of dying serial killer Charles Lee Ray (played by Brad Dourif), using a voodoo ritual that made him virtually immortal.

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While Chucky was given an artificial intelligence overhaul in the recent Child’s Play remake, both versions of the killer doll developed a unique list of enemies. Over the years, Chucky has tried to kill and/or possess young children, parents, cops, other possessed dolls and even Hollywood celebrities, proving that dolls truly are terrifying.

10 John Bishop

While Chucky may have picked up some of his later spells from a book called VoodooForDummies, Charles Lee Ray first trained under a man named John Bishop (played by Raymond Oliver), a former voodoo instructor that was known as Dr. Death.

After Charles transformed into Chucky and realized his doll body was transforming into a human, he sought out John’s help, who refused to reverse the ritual. While John was one of the first characters to stand up to Chucky, he wasn’t able to do much else as Chucky broke his bones with a voodoo doll before stabbing him to death.

9 Andy’s Friends

The 2019 remake of Child’s Play introduced an older version of Andy Barclay (played by Gabriel Bateman) who struggled to make friends after he and his mother moved to a new place, though after the robotic Buddi doll came into his life, he began to meet other kids.

Unfortunately, the obsessive Chucky didn’t like being left behind when Andy started making new friends. Falyn (played by Beatrice Kitsos) and Pugg (played by Ty Consiglio) initially helped Andy take Chucky apart, though they would be joined by other kids like Omar (played by Marlon Kazadi) for the final battle.

8 Mike Norris

Mike Norris is a detective with the Chicago police department who was initially played by Chris Sarandon in the 1988 original Child’s Play, and he not only survived a deadly series of attacks from Chucky but also helped save the Barclay family.

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Bryan Tyree Henry played the same role in the 2019 remake, though his character was introduced as a neighbor of the Barclay’s as well as a detective, and he developed a friendship with Andy, making him more central to the film’s events as he also joined the fight against the new Chucky.

7 Kristen De Silva

1991’s Child Play 3 followed Andy Barclay as he was sent to the Kirk Military Academy, where he first met fellow cadet Kristen De Silva (played by Perrey Reeves), after she stood up to the overly aggressive commanding officer.

Kristen soon takes Andy under her wing and begins helping him train for the academy and improving his firearm skills, which leads to a romantic connection. While De Silva’s confrontation with Chucky took her out of the final battle, she helped further prepare Andy for his lifetime of dealing with the possessed doll.

6 Karen Barclay

Catherine Hicks played Karen Barclay in 1988’s Child’s Play, a department store worked who purchased a cheap Good Guy doll for her son Andy from a back-alley seller, which was soon revealed to be the possessed Chucky Doll that would launch a horror franchise.

Andy’s mom fought hard for her son in the original film and even trapped Chucky in the fireplace in an attempt to burn the doll. Aubrey Plaza portrayed the character in the 2019 remake, though her role was lessened slightly and she was taken hostage by the new Chucky.

5 Jesse & Jade

The franchise took a new direction after the original trilogy with 1998’s Bride of Chucky which explored more of Charles Lee Ray’s past before he became Chucky while also moving away from the Barclay family.

Jesse Miller (played by Nick Stabile) and Jade Kincaid (played by Katherine Heigl) were introduced as first errand drivers and then possible human hosts for Chucky and the newly introduced Tiffany. Jesse and Jade elope while suspicious murders occur around them that lead to a violent battle for their souls with Chucky and Tiffany that they managed to survive.

4 Tiffany Valentine/Jennifer Tilly

Bride of Chucky added a new mainstay to the franchise with the introduction of Tiffany Valentine, Charles Lee Ray’s former serial killer girlfriend who managed to bring his soul back to the Chucky doll.

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His return didn’t quite go as Tiffany planned and she decided to cage him, leading to her eventual transformation into a killer doll as well. Things would get a little weirder with 2004’s Seed of Chucky, which introduced the real Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany’s chosen new host body and the mother of her children.

3 Kyle

Chucky first returned in 1990’s Child’s Play 2 which saw young Andy find a new home with a foster family that included Kyle (played by Christine Elise), a fellow foster child who quickly warmed up to Andy as Chucky targeted the new family.

Andy’s rebellious nature didn’t make her any less loyal to her new brother, and she fought alongside him to defeat Chucky. Kyle would return for a cameo years later in 2017’s Cult of Chucky, which revealed the lasting relationship between Andy and Kyle as she arrived at his secluded home to continue torturing Chucky’s decapitated head.

2 Nica Pierce

2013’s Curse of Chucky introduced Nica Pierce (played by Fiona Dourif) and her family as they received a mysterious Good Guy doll in the mail, which kicks off a series of deaths that eventually reveal the original Chucky as the killer.

His dark history with Nica’s mother was revealed and while Nica survived, she was framed for the murder of her family and institutionalized. Nica returned in 2017’s Cult of Chucky, which took place a few years into Nica’s institution as she continued to fight against the renewed threat of a Cult of Chucky’s, which unfortunately didn’t end well for her.

1 Andy Barclay

Andy Barclay was the star of the original Child’s Play trilogy who became the main target of Chucky after he learned the only way to reverse his transformation was by possessing the body of another human.

Alex Vincent portrayed Andy for the first Child’s Play and the sequel, with Justin Whalin taking on the role of an older Andy in Child’s Play 3. Vincent would then reprise his original role in Curse of Chucky and Cult of Chucky, which revisited Andy years later as he continued his fight against the killer doll, despite still struggling with the trauma left by Chucky.

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