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Roommates, the ongoing drama between “Basketball Wives” star Brittish Williams and her ex Lorenzo Gordon has recently reached another level, with Lorenzo openly accusing Brittish of somehow being involved in the recently attempted home invasion that took place on his property. He has since deleted his accusations against Brittish from his page. Brittish stepped into The Shade Room and gave us the exclusive details about what really happened—and also cleared her name.

Last night, Lorenzo Gordon posted video footage on Instagram showing a masked man attempting to break into his house. He stated that he was shocked at the attempted break-in because his neighbors are police officers—but then he shifted his attention to his ex Brittish Williams. He said she told him her car was recently broken into and they took mail out of her car with her address on it and she believed the two incidents may be related. However, he immediately called her “messy” and alleged that she was behind it and also questioned why she didn’t text him and let him know about the mail being stolen, saying that “this s**t not sitting right with me.”

Well, Brittish tells us that after she found out that someone tried to break into Lorenzo’s house, she wondered if they got his address from the mail stolen from her car after her windows were busted along with 13 other vehicles. She said once she contacted Lorenzo about what happened, she told him to send any video he had of the incident to her and she would give it to the police involved in investigating her car break-in or give him the info so he could do it himself.

Brittish also says that despite their issues, she would never want any bodily harm to come to Lorenzo because he is her daughter’s father and their little girl was recently at his home and she wants her to be safe there. Brittish believes that the reason Lorenzo is accusing her is because he is still in his feelings about her dating life and that she has moved on from their relationship.
She tells us that he constantly questions her about her personal life, but frequently has many women around her daughter when he’s supposed to be spending quality time with her. She says Lorenzo is “bitter and miserable” and he needs to keep her “name out of his mouth respectfully.”


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