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Generally y’all in the mood for a RELATIVELY creepy story, or what??
Sooner this week, officials in Utah who was simply tracking and observing bighorn lambs in a very remote part of the state found out about a bizarre, triangular-shaped metal order among the rural, unforgiving hills with this back country.
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As you can see (picture, above) the structure is firmly sunk into the ground, and appears to be especially well-kept there, as if somebody surely could somehow dig through and clear out rock n roll to bury it. It’s a major monolith, too — the height attached to two people, it’s metallic and hardy, and could theoretically withstand the test of time for the market with tough weather including critical heat and cold.
The monolith, which was planted on land manipulated by the federal government’s Bureau of Employees Management, is a complete mystery. No person knows who put it there, nicely how it got there. A lot of internet sleuths have searched and in addition re-searched Google Earth for clues, and so hypothesize that it may have been put right now there at some point in or around 2016, but regular that’s not for certain.
Nor is it is purpose: is it some kind of art package? Are the aliens talking to us from it? WTF is going on here?? The area along with Utah where it sits is almost certainly remote enough that it’s difficult for people to get out there — a reduced amount with the tools to cut through steel and place this big monolith — so officials are seriously mislead.
Here’s a good video rundown of presidency officials first coming up to the monolith, in a story published earlier now by ABC News (below):

As well here’s something even crazier: afterward first being discovered on Thursday, the monolith COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED on the Friday night.
…Wait, WHAT?!
These Bureau of Land Management his or her selves released the report about the monolith having been mysteriously removed from federal empire overnight just days after has been first found, saying in a subject (below):
“We have received credible record that the illegally installed structure, recognized as the ‘monolith’ has been removed from Lutrin of Land Management (BLM) common lands by an unknown party. Generally the BLM did not remove the structure in fact it is considered private property. We do not check to see crimes involving private property that are : handled by the local sheriff’s desk. The structure has received international but also national attention and we received research that a person or group dispatched it on the evening of November. 27. ”
That thing was most buried WAY deep in the soil, and within hard rock about it, so it’d take a challenging concrete-cutting tool to remove it.
Great number of mystery culprit did it overnight? Inside of extremely rural part of the desert?! At nighttime???
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It’s wild — regardless of while the monolith first went up, individuals (or some group… or some extraterrestrials?!?! ) must have been waiting for folk to find it. When Utah public essential safety officials stumbled upon it on Wednesday, and it made national news beginning this week, that must have been the “cue” for that group to then use it down in the dark of night.
This morning, the mystery continues. Who is finally behind this?! What do they want??
So over the top!!!
[Image via ABC News/Utah Department of Public Safety/YouTube]
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