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On Friday, Kelis showed us a glimpse of her baby girl, “Baby G,” while expressing what it’s like to be a mom to a daughter.

Posting a pic of her daughter’s arm, Kelis wrote, “It’s funny, I have been a boy mom for so long and I was completely content with super hero’s, weapons and war games. I would have been thrilled to have another baby boy. But now that she’s here, I looked down at her little hand on mine and I realized I had been preparing for her my whole life. Having a girl is somehow totally different. And don’t get me wrong, we will still have super hero’s, weapons, and war games with baby G too. But we will do it wearing diamonds, rubies, and pearls !!!!!! Happy freedom Friday guys !!!!”

If you recall, she announced her pregnancy in August on Instagram. She posted, 

“As a Black mother, there are so many things to consider during this time in your life, especially during the crazy times that we live in — from what we eat, to how we live and love. This is the time we must take for ourselves without apologies, especially when we still live in a country where Black women historically have had the highest maternal mortality rates. So for me, self-care has become paramount, particularly in the beginning stages. Knowing your body and what it needs, being able to be still and quiet enough to hear what it tells you. That’s why I used the First Response Early Result test as it can tell you if you’re pregnant 6 days sooner than your missed period.”


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Congrats, Kelis!


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