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Gorgeous! Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn were first linked in May 2017 and have been notorious for keeping their relationship private ever since.

The couple have remained tight-lipped about their love life since its start, but a source told Us Weekly in March 2020 that they “have talked about their future and marriage.”

The insider noted that the duo are “very much in love” and that Swift “considers Joe one of the only safe constants in her life.”

While the British actor is rumored to be the subject of many of Swift’s songs — including “London Boy” and “Cornelia Street” — she has rarely spoken publicly about their romance.

The Grammy winner did, however, reference her and Alwyn’s love story in her Netflix documentary, Miss Americana.

“I was falling in love with someone who had a wonderfully normal, balanced life,” she said in the film, which was released in January 2020. “We decided together we wanted our relationship to be private. I was happy. But I wasn’t happy in the way I was trained to be happy. It was happiness without anyone else’s input. We were just happy.”

Alwyn, for his part, spoke out in November 2018 about keeping his relationship with the “Mirrorball” singer as quiet as possible.

“Someone’s private life is, by definition, private,” the A Christmas Carol alum told British GQ at the time. “No one is obliged to share their personal life.”

Scroll down to read everything the “Betty” singer and the Boy Erased star have ever said about each other.

On the Public’s Curiosity

More than a year after Alwyn and Swift started dating, the Favourite actor spoke out about their relationship for the first time. “I’m aware people want to know about that side of things,” he said in the October 2018 issue of British Vogue. “I think we have been successfully very private and that has now sunk in for people … but I really prefer to talk about work.”

Jerod Harris/Getty Images

On Having a Right to Stay Quiet

There’s a reason why the Brit keeps his mouth shut about dating Swift. “Someone’s private life is, by definition, private,” he told British GQ in November 2018. “No one is obliged to share their personal life.”


On Navigating Their Relationship in the Public Eye

In December 2018, Alwyn admitted to Esquire that he doesn’t “seek out advice on” his relationship with the “Delicate” singer because his feelings are clear. “I think there’s a very clear line as to what somebody should share, or feel like they have to share, and what they don’t want to and shouldn’t have to,” he explained.

Kevork Djansezian/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

On the Musician’s Political Stance

The “Look What You Made Me Do” singer broke her silence on politics ahead of the United States’ 2018 midterm elections. When asked about her decision at the U.K. premiere of The Favourite, Alwyn said, “I think it’s great. I think it’s important.”

Robert Kamau/GC Images

On Working Together in the Future

Never say never! “It’s not planned at the moment, but who knows,” Alwyn said on the red carpet at the Golden Globes in January 2019.


On Being Normal

The Mary Queen of Scots actor doesn’t think his desire to stay quiet about Swift is shocking. “I don’t think anyone you meet on the streets would just spill their guts out to you, therefore why should I?” he told MR PORTER’s The Journal in January 2019. “And then that is defined as being ‘strangely private.’ Fine. But I don’t think it is … I think it’s normal.”

Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images

On Keeping Things Private

The “Lover” singer opened up about why she’s kept her relationship with Alwyn under wraps during an interview with The Guardian’s Weekend magazine in August 2019. “I’ve learned that if I do [talk about it], people think it’s up for discussion, and our relationship isn’t up for discussion,” Swift said. “If you and I were having a glass of wine right now, we’d be talking about it — but it’s just that it goes out into the world. That’s where the boundary is, and that’s where my life has become manageable. I really want to keep it feeling manageable.”

Andrew H. Walker/Shutterstock; Scott Kirkland/FX/Picturegroup/Shutterstock

On Finding Love

The songstress didn’t mention Alwyn by name in her January 2020 Netflix documentary, Miss Americana, but she did speak about falling for someone “who had a really wonderful, normal, balanced kind of life.” She added: “We decided together we wanted our relationship to be private. I was happy. But I wasn’t happy in the way I was trained to be happy. It was happiness without anyone else’s input. We were just happy.”

Courtesy of Netflix

On Creating Normalcy

The “Cardigan” singer discussed challenges in her personal life during an interview with Paul McCartney for Rolling Stone magazine in November 2020. She revealed that her song “Peace” is inspired by the couple’s romance. “’Peace’ is actually more rooted in my personal life,” she said. “I know you have done a really excellent job of this in your personal life: carving out a human life within a public life, and how scary that can be when you do fall in love and you meet someone, especially if you’ve met someone who has a very grounded, normal way of living.”

She continued: “I, oftentimes, in my anxieties, can control how I am as a person and how normal I act and rationalize things, but I cannot control if there are 20 photographers outside in the bushes and what they do and if they follow our car and if they interrupt our lives. I can’t control if there’s going to be a fake weird headline about us in the news tomorrow.”

The Cats actress further explained her choices to make her “life feel more like a real life” instead of a “story line in the tabloids” that she can’t control. Those choices include where to live and when to not take a photo. “The idea of privacy feels so strange to try to explain, but it’s really just trying to find bits of normalcy,” she said. “That’s what that song ‘Peace’ is talking about. Like, would it be enough if I could never fully achieve the normalcy that we both crave?”

Shutterstock; Juan Herrero/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

On Creating Music Together

Swift confirmed in her November 2020 Disney+ special, Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions, that Alwyn cowrote “Exile” and “Betty” under a pseudonym for her album Folklore. “There’s been a lot of discussion about William Bowery and his identity because it’s not a real person,” she said. “So, William Bowery is Joe, as we know. He plays piano beautifully, and he’s always just playing and making things up and kind of creating things. … It was a step that we would have never have taken, because why would we have ever written a song together?”

Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/Shutterstock; David Fisher/Shutterstock

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