Dr. Dre’s ex is on the warpath — and when we say she’s coming for everything, we mean EVERYTHING.

The divorce battle between Dre and Nicole Young has seen just about every shade of ugliness so far, with accusations of infidelity, secret love children, and the validity of a prenup flying from all sides. This latest move from Young seems particularly petty, but then again Dre’s business partner had her investigated by the LAPD for embezzlement, so at this point it might just be par for the course!

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Apparently, back in August, the 50-year-old filed for co-ownership of the trademark on the mogul’s classic album The Chronic, as well as the trademark on his famous stage name, Dr. Dre.


It seems unbelievable that Nicole could claim any ownership of her husband’s NAME, particularly when he had been going by the moniker LONG before they were married in 1996. But according to the Blast, she told the court that the producer (real name Andre Young) didn’t file the trademark for the name until 1997, and later tried to hide their community property by shifting the trademarks to a new company he owned privately.

Per legal documents obtained by the Blast, the Beats by Dre creator is asking that the case be thrown out of the court. His lawyers wrote:

“Plaintiff Nicole Young, after commencing divorce proceedings against Defendant Andre Young, seeking over $400 Million, then stealing almost $400,000.00 from an LLC that funds Defendant Young’s recording studio, draining its entire bank account, Plaintiff has decided that $400,400,000.00 and one lawsuit are not enough. She is now suing Defendant Young and another LLC in a separate lawsuit, having the temerity to claim that trademarks to Defendant Young’s performing name, ‘Dr. Dre,’ and to his first solo album, entitled ‘The Chronic,’ have been unlawfully transferred from Defendant Young to his wholly-owned LLC.”

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They went on:

“‘Dr. Dre’ is a trade name that Defendant Young had used for over ten years before he even met Plaintiff, as a member of the World Class Wreckin’ Cru, then as a member of NWA, and then as a solo performer. ‘The Chronic’ was a multi-platinum and Grammy-winning album that was released four years before his marriage to Plaintiff.”

Phew. We don’t know what the final straw was that ended this relationship, but whatever it was, Nicole is clearly out for blood. We can’t even imagine how things could escalate from here.

[Image via Dr. Dre/Instagram]

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