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On Friday, famous YouTube couple De’Arra Taylor and Ken Walker announced they will not be participating in ‘Vlogmas’ on YouTube for the sake of not providing “fake content.”

De’Arra posted to her Instagram story and wrote in part, “We have made the decision to cancel Vlogmas this year. We have never provided fake content and will not start now.” The YouTuber continued, “As y’all know we are very private people and that won’t change now. We always want to provide real content, but we feel we cannot provide at this time.” She ended her statement with, “Thank you guys for the support and we know our true supporters will continue [to] support us through whatever but also respect our privacy. We love you guys.”

The announcement of ending Vlogmas comes after Ken was spotted getting extra friendly, hugging up and touching another woman’s booty. After fans responded in shock, Ken’s twin brother stated, “Yes, that’s my twin brother sadly to say”, Kris responded to a fan asking if it was indeed Ken in the video.  Another fan even proceeded to ask Kris how many times Ken has cheated, and Kris responded, ‘IDK TBH. That’s him, not me.”


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Ken later issued an apology and further explained the situation, while directly apologizing to De’arra. “I’m sorry De’arra, you don’t deserve the pain I’ve caused, the embarrassment you’ve suffered, or the hurt I’ve brought onto you.”

Roomies, how do y’all feel about this?

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