Snaktooth Island is home to 100 different Bugsnax which players can hunt down and collect, but not all of them are required to catch to complete the game’s main storyline or even the game’s many sidequests. The Waffstackarak is one of the many Bugsnax that fall into this category, but they are needed for the player to collect if they wish to complete their Bugsnax journal. It is also one of the most unique captures that Bugsnax offer.

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The Waffstackarak is an aggressive Bugsnax that will attack anything and everything in its sight. Similar to the Flapjackarak of the Sizzling Sands, the Waffstackarak can create a whirlwind with its body sending the player and other Bugsnax flying through the air. It is also difficult to catch as it requires more from the player than simply placing down a trap for the Waffstackarak to walk into. This guide will teach players how to find and catch the ferocious Waffstackarak.

The Waffstackarak is located in the Simmering Springs but requires some unique steps to summon. The Waffstackarake can only be summoned during the morning and will require the player to hit the breakfast symbol. The symbol can be found where Wiggle Wigglebottom was staying before she left to return to Snaxburg. When players hit the symbol, a cinematic will play showing the Waffstackaraks emerging from the ocean and wreaking havoc on Simmering Springs. Players can then scan the Waffstackarak to reveal the path it will follow around the island. Waffstackaraks can make it easier to catch a lot of Bugsnax due to the Bugsnax it throws being knocked out. Players can run up to these Bugsnax and catch them by pressing the capture button.

The player can’t catch the Waffstackarak by simply placing down a trap, and the aggressive Bugsnax will fling the trap away with its whirlwind powers. Players will need to get in front of the Waffstackarak and deploy the Trip Shot trap. When the Waffstackarak runs into the tripwire it will knock out and the player can run up to it and press the capture button. The Trip Shot is acquired in Sugarpine Woods which is one of the last places the player will unlock. This means that players won’t be able to catch a Waffstackarak until they have progressed the main storyline enough to unlock Sugarpine Woods.

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Bugsnax is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.